Ten people who can’t be girlfriends

Ten people who can’t be girlfriends

1. Smoking girl.

It may be because I am in the traditional family or the teachings of my grandmother. The girl who absolutely smokes is not like a serious child. I can only stay away from it.

  2. Girls with too much spoken language.

The girl spoke too much, which made me disgusted.

Every time I say “Mom”, “Grandma”.


Some girls have “genitals” flying around their mouths.

I don’t want such a “reproductive doctor!”

“3, overweight girl.

Someone might think?

The chubby girl is very cute.

I thought so before, but then I thought, if I go to a very romantic restaurant with such a girl, I reach out and align the girl, the girl sits down in front of me, and I sit opposite the girl,The two were very romantic and finished their meal.

When we get up, will the girl’s ass get stuck in some?

People in the restaurant are still watching?

I got amazingly awkward.

  4, too light girl.

The girl is petite and exquisite.

Everyone may like it better.

But if it’s that kind of skinny?

Girls who can blow even the wind are a problem.

Besides, who wants to sleep with a “skeleton” every night?

  5. Girl with a thick voice.

My voice is thick and loud.

Sometimes it is good.

If it catches fire?

She shouted so.

Everyone in the building can hear it.

But if you marry such a girl.

Every morning she gets up and shouts in your ear: “Husband.

Get up!

“It always feels like I was sleeping with an old man the night before!

  6, girl with a tired voice.

The warbler whispered.

The ancients described the idiom of a woman’s voice.

Some girls now deliberately pretend to sound like a former pager.

“What is the sir?Mr. please leave a message; sir, what is your surname?

Please hang up, sir . “It seemed as if I had eaten 2 kg of sugar and drank half a barrel of honey.

I’m young and I’m really scared of “diabetes.”

  7, tall girl.

“I hate girls higher than me!

“This is a line that Andy Lau said to Qu Yi in the movie” Fate of Love “, and there was really nothing wrong at the time.

But now think about it: if you go shopping with a girl who is taller than you, you happen to meet the girl ‘s classmate or friend and ask the girl: “Go shopping with your brother?

“Then I have to be amazingly embarrassed?

If you do n’t meet your eyes, ask, “Yeah?

When will the children be there?


Let the aunt take a look.

“Then I have to die in the street awkwardly?

  8. Girl who is too short.

Build and hold hands with such girls.

I always feel a sense of guilt.

Feel like you’re violating a young girl, or someone misunderstood your child to play in the park at home?

Can’t you scold me in my mother’s ears?

  9. Girls who can drink especially.

Many girls in the Northeast can drink, and even some girls can drink white wine in particular.

You can’t recognize your dad over here, she’s drinking the same as not drinking.

You said, if the two mouths go out for entertainment together, after the banquet, the two mouths will drink like dead dogs.

Must not freeze to death in the snow in the northeast?

  10. Especially clever girl.

Confucius said: “A woman is talented without virtue.

“It doesn’t make sense to think about it.

If a girl is particularly smart and wants to surprise her?

She guessed ahead of time-embarrassing; wanted to open a “little treasury” by herself and found it when she turned it over-annoyed; wanted to tell her a joke or guess a riddle, she didn’t wait for you to finish,I already told you the result-angry.

So, this last point: particularly smart girls can’t.