“I’m furious!”After listening to the piles of Lena,Just hung up the newsletter and cursed。

Goddess, i’m on earth,It’s still so strict,Besides, where am I young,24-Year-old girls have reached the legal age for marriage in the eyes of the earth!
Besides, I just booked the quota for the emperor first,Not get married right away,Let’s talk about love first?
God Mao is also hateful,Report everything to Pan Zhen,These are all my own personal affairs of the goddess, OK?!
No wonder the Lieyang civilization will be called an antique by other civilizations,Nothing wrong,Lack of energy,not fashionable!Old stubborn!
Lena gets more and more angry,Plus I was hurt by Wu Xing just now,I really want to find a punching bag to vent my anger。
This sight immediately made her eyes bright,I saw the group of Shenhe gene heirs who were training。
Xin Zhao and others who originally watched Lena come over,I still want to ask Angkor how,Suddenly felt a cold wind passing by,All involuntarily struck a spirit。
“Xin Zhao!Are you not full,Running so slow,Snail?”
“Ge Xiaolun,Look at that,Do you want to jump again??”
“Liu Chuang,Don’t laugh,Double the number of laughs!”
“And you,Cheng Yaowen,Don’t think you can be complacent when you can lift a ton of rocks,I will fight in space from now on,You can’t move an asteroid,Just waste!”
After Lena’s crackling nonsense,I just feel better,I have a little more understanding。
And Xin Zhao and others called a speechless,I got scolded for no reason,Can’t fight back yet,Double the counterattack training,I can only hold this breath in my heart。
“You say,Did Big Sister eat gunpowder?,I scold everybody?”Wait till Lena is far away,Ge Xiaolun couldn’t help but say。
“Maybe that thing is here,In menstrual period,Inevitably bad temper,Let’s not take it off。”Xin Zhao nodded。
“I don’t see it,Sister Na came back from Xiaobailian,Maybe it was compared to another alien,So take our elders out of anger。”Liu Chuang expressed his different views。
“I rely on,Chuangzi,How can you say that Angkor is a little boy,Yesterday, I forgot who you paid for the famous watch?”Xin Zhao,Suddenly dissatisfied。