Top social circles, how do ladies stand?

Top social circles, how do ladies stand?

Attending top social occasions, the socialite who shuttles between the wine glass and the man does not just need to dress himself up in a splendid manner, be dazzling, and have a prominent family background.

In fact, being a true socialite is by no means as simple as imagined.

Becoming a socialite also requires qualifications.

Many times, “high society” is not just a class concept, it is also a strong attitude towards life.

  The different adult ceremonies in the upper social circle are an important biology for the children of the local aristocracy in Paris to enter the upper social circle.

It is an aristocratic ball open to the world.

Every year, only 250 elites in the world can get invitations to watch the “Adult Ritual Ball”.

Girls who are eligible to participate in the “Adult Ceremony and Prom” are between 17-21 years old, must have a beautiful appearance, be well educated, have elegant taste, come from famous families and other “hard” conditions.

Celebrities’ descendants invited in previous years include Clinton’s daughter, Hemingway’s granddaughter, Tolstoy’s great granddaughter, Gorbachev’s granddaughter, and so on.

And their male companions are mostly princes, heirs of heirs or heirs of the family group.

  The top social places in Europe and the United States are the social arena that every high-class gentleman dreams of, but not everyone can be a guest.

In France, nearly 300 celebrities from all over the world attend the “Louis XIV Dinner” every year, including members of the royal family, French nobles, etc .; the Vienna Prom, which is known as the “Royal Prom” every year. The President, Prime Minister, and Government of ViennaOfficials and wealthy businessmen from all over the world, stars are all guests, so this social event is inevitably stained with a strong political color.

Some politicians who came to the ball expressed their political position by highlighting only the left-handed waltz, and refused to do the right-handed.

A polite phrase at the ball “Can you please dance?”

Left or right?

“Was given a new meaning.

  The inauguration of the US President, which began in 1809, is called the “Oscar Ceremony” in Washington.

The guests used this stage to show themselves.

In addition, the New Year’s Dinner at the Palace of Versailles is also a gathering of celebrities from Europe and the United States, as well as many heavyweights in the global art world.

The New York Metropolitan Museum Fashion Festival is the most popular party for Hollywood stars, fashion celebrities and supermodels.

At this fashion celebration, they will all be dressed in gorgeous dresses made by world-renowned clothing designers.

  A gentleman behaves both internally and externally. If you think that there are only gorgeous dance skirts at the top social gatherings in Europe and the United States, you are wrong.

This place is still the world of men.

The social rules of men in high society are very different from those of ladies.

They don’t have to rack their brains for choosing the dress to attend the party.

Millionaires and billionaires from different social classes and with different social backgrounds and lifestyles do not need to set off their worth with brand-name clothing.

At Sotheby’s auctions, people wearing jeans and suits may even buy Picasso oil paintings for $ 40 million, because they may just be art dealers.

  Gentlemen who live in high-level society and enter the top social circle will not leave the labels of high-end designer clothes on the outside.

Their clothes were made by several tailors in France or England, with their initials embroidered on the cuffs.

Like many high-end British gentlemen, they need to have in their closets shooting, riding and hunting clothing that ordinary people would not own, because these are indispensable and important signs that quickly distinguish them from ordinary people.

In addition, when attending important occasions, gentlemen will try their best to allow photographers to capture their shadows and have the opportunity to appear on the social editions of various magazines.

  The people who appear in top social situations are acquaintances with each other, but they will never discuss work or investment on this occasion, because they meet here because of the same interests.

In order to stand out in these social places, you must be able to talk about the antique collection, and come with some of the latest important information from major auction houses.

This requires gentlemen to be able to often participate in small auctions in some auction houses, with some delicate collections that are currently popular but not too expensive.

  It’s best to mention some appalling anecdotes in the right circles, but don’t gossip easily.

In addition, we must choose large-scale charities as stepping stones to classify equipment and flow society.

  In material life, the real high society members are even as small as the topic of driving. They also need to understand the car’s handling performance, road adhesion, yaw, horsepower, etc. Otherwise, they must hire private drivers.

They wouldn’t decorate the car like the living room of Bourgioa, because it was a petty bourgeoisie, not an upper class.  If you want to host a barbecue party, you must have at least a garden of more than 100 square meters and full barbecue equipment.

Having said that, you need to be familiar with the barbecue while grilling, and you have grown up in such an environment since childhood.