Can Mulan and Nolan save the market?Listen to Hollywood

Can “Mulan” and Nolan save the market?Listen to Hollywood
On May 11th, local time in the United States, Disney CEO Bob Chapek confirmed in an interview that “Mulan” will comply with the re-set schedule after the first shift, and will be released in North America on July 24th according to the plan.The film will be released on time in theaters around the world with optimism. >>> Disney confirmed that the “Mulan” schedule will not change, and North America will be released on July 24. At the same time, Warner and director Christopher Nolan also expressed their swearing that the science fiction film “Creed” will be released in North America on July 17.Due to the epidemic, global theaters are closed. “Creed” and “Mulan” will be released in North America one week apart during the summer season. This will be the first two blockbuster films to be released after the theater resumes work this year. It is also regarded as an audienceCan you return to the touchstone of the theater.Stills of “Mulan”.Coincidentally, the production cost of both new films is as high as $ 200 million.Nolan’s “Creed” incorporates actors such as John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Michael Kane, and is the second most expensive film in Nolan’s director’s work, second only to budget 2.$ 500 million in Batman: The Dark Knight.And Disney’s “Mulan” brings together actors such as Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Gong Li, Jet Li, etc. It is currently the most costly one in Disney’s animated remake of live-action movies (costs 2.The $ 600 million new “Lion King” is not considered a “live-action movie”). Can two commercial blockbusters join forces to save Hollywood’s summer season?Many audiences said that safety is the first, and the theater is not ready. At present, there are only more than 100 theaters in the United States with about 400 screens still showing movies, and the total box office last weekend was about 68.USD 90,000.However, these data can not predict the market situation of the summer file afterwards, because the public is still afraid of the new crown virus, the number of theater openings is limited, and the screening movies have been played online for several weeks, the audience has no more sufficient reasonEnter the theater.”Creed” is like “a canary in a coal mine,” said a film company’s distribution president.The release of “Creed” on July 17 may still encounter “ice” because it will be the first important movie in Hollywood in four months.The whole world will wait and see if it can win this war.Some people can’t wait to watch this movie, while others think that this movie is not worth the risk at all.”Creed” poster.American consulting firm Morning Consult conducted a survey of 2,700 adult consumers, that is, how soon people will return to the theater after the cinema reopens.Only 7% said they would go to the theater immediately, and 22% of the respondents said they would go to the movies within a month of reaching the White House ‘s safety threshold for new coronavirus cases in their state.The survey found that more than 51% of people said that the safety issue is the first issue to consider whether they enter the theater, followed by whether there are heavy new films released.In the United States, theater business restrictions are being lifted one after another, but even if the theater is allowed to resume work, theater operators are still worried.In Georgia, the governor allowed indoor theaters to open on April 27, but so far, only two theaters have resumed business.”We are not ready to reopen the theater,” said the owner of a chain of theaters in Texas. “There is currently no vaccine, no group immunity, and the risk cannot be reduced to an acceptable level.Everyone is afraid.”Even the National Association of Theater Owners also recommends that theaters open cautiously.In addition to epidemic prevention, we must strictly prevent the outflow of piracy. Last year, “Avengers 4” was released in more than 4,600 theaters in North America, becoming one of the most screened movies in history.Executive editor of a box office website in the United States Sperling Reich said, “Before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, a blockbuster must be shown in at least 3,000 theaters. This is a common rule, but ideally close to 4,000 theaters.”Nolan’s” Dunkirk “was released in more than 3,700 theaters, and” Pirates of Dreams “was released in nearly 3,800 theaters.This is the number of theaters acceptable to the distribution company Warner.However, among these theaters, only 1,500 prime locations produced most of the box office.J. Sperling Reich said that the question of “Creed” is not just how many screens it can get, but whether these theaters occupy a prime location, and more importantly, whether a sufficient number of audiences come into the theater.Bothered.In addition, it also involves the issue of piracy.”Creed” and “Mulan” will be released on July 17 and July 24 in North America and some overseas regions, but some overseas regions will be delayed. It is very likely that pirated resources will flow out, which is undoubtedly the box office.A loss.Hollywood executives are the most hoped for the blockbuster, but Warner did not expect Nolan’s “Creed” to break box office records.A senior Hollywood marketing executive said that many theaters are currently in great straits of survival. The release of “Creed” can stabilize Warner’s stock price, so that the company will not fall into the shadow of a crash all summer.Disney is also facing the same problem. The company ‘s revenue in the second fiscal quarter (as of March 28) fell by 63% in addition to the good news of streaming data (Disney + users soared in less than a month.Over 4.5 million), all other departments have been hit hard.The “Mulan” summer release, in addition to box office earnings, will also have a boost to the company’s stock.Prior to this, Adam Allen, the president and chief executive officer of AMC, the largest cinema chain in the United States, said it might reopen the theater a few weeks before the release of “Creed” and “Mulan” in mid-June.In addition, if China, the world ‘s second-largest film market, can also reopen the theater in June, this will be a big variable for the box office of “Creed” and “Mulan”.>>> American AMC Cinema: “Creed” and “Mulan” will be reopened only after the theater sauna and night net are edited by Teng Chao Editor Huang Jialing Proofreader Li Lijun