simply put,Qiao Tianyu and the two generations are in the world financial circle,When he treated the Rothschild family’s principle,Can be summarized as“Two ordinary”。

Any business related to the Rothschild family,Qiao Tianyu can not do it;Everything you deal with the Rothschild family,Qiao Tianyu will never provoke him if he can walk around,Never okay to find excitement!
Seeing that Qiao Tianyu stopped talking,Michelle went on to explain,“Joe,I’m afraid you are already aware of the seriousness of the problem.?”
“Don’t you think it’s weird?that5000Tons of gold appeared in Dubai for more than a week,The forces of the world are coveted for this,One after another gathered in Dubai to fight for gold。”
“But why the Arrow Sakura organization has not taken action,Is it afraid to make a move or cannot make a move,Have to wait until you touch it,What is the Arrow Sakura organization waiting for??”
seriously,about this issue,Qiao Tianyu really didn’t think about it,He only knows that gold is definitely not easy,But I didn’t expect the water inside to be so deep!
“and also,The Rothschild family is sitting on30Mega family with multi-trillion dollar assets,Equivalent to ten Saudi royal families,Three Arrow Sakura Organization,200Over the years, it has been mixed up all over the world,Has never been the one who lacks money。”Michelle continued。
“I have never heard that they have lost money recently,Besides, their Rothschild family loses trillions of dollars,It seems that there is no need to raise the tens of billions of dollars by selling gold.,How did the Arrow Sakura organization get it?5000Ton of gold?”
“So this matter is full of doubts,I sincerely recommend that you don’t easily move the Arrow Sakura organization5000Tons of gold,Think of another way!”
“Think another way?”Qiao Tianyu’s head is big。
Qiao Tianyu’s gold gap is10000Ton,If the arrow cherry organization5000Don’t dare to move,Qiao Tianyu has nowhere to go10000Tons of gold。
But Qiao Tianyu changed his mind again,Could this be Michelle deliberately making alarmist talks?,Frighten yourself with the Rothschild family,Just to make myself afraid to organize it with Arrow Sakura5000Tons of gold to the Saudi royal family,So that Russia can reap the benefits of fishermen,Swallow those gold?
This is not impossible,Intrigue、The persistence of fraud has always been a consistent feature of the international financial market,Besides, it’s the first time I saw Michelle,Qiao Tianyu certainly can’t believe her words!
Just when Qiao Tianyu hesitated to believe Michelle,Do you want to move the arrow cherry organization?5000When tons of gold,God seems to have helped Qiao Tianyu make a decision,Qiao Tianyu’s phone rang suddenly。
“It’s Keiko?”See the name displayed on the phone,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help being shocked。
Not seen in two days,Can’t it be that5000Tons of gold,Huizi has helped Qiao Tianyu handle it?
First0207chapter Life and death
After the call is connected,Huizi happily invited Qiao Tianyu to meet,Said she had great news to tell Qiao Tianyu。