China Telecom hand with a bonfire communication to build Wuhan’s first double 5G smart plant

At the site, the staff is looking at the workshop production through the Wisdom Factory System. How many workers are available on site, what location is distributed, how is the operation of machine equipment, and component leakage dissection identification, and it is at this system. Experts introduction, China Telecom is a bonfire communication manufacturing department to build a double 5G smart plant, achieving SMT and server production lines 5G and F5G full coverage. Using China Telecom’s 5G network low-time, high-bandwidth, wide-in-access advantages, and realizes wireless high-speed transmission and response between equipment, equipment and control platforms, and constructs a base base for industrial Internet platforms. Communication to create a 5G smart plant gives a powerful network guarantee.

The project also fully takes into account the stability, safety, controllability of production, and strongly supports the production of 5G based application scenarios to ensure the safety of production data. According to Pan Preppearance of the Manager of the Bottle and Communication Manufacturing Department, the Bottle and Communications Manufacturing Department is mainly responsible for the "high, essence, special" factory of electronic product processing and manufacturing, responsible for the manufacturing business of all 40 customer electronics products and nearly 40 customer electronic products outside the bonfire. The completed system product is about 11 billion yuan.

At present, the bonfire communications cooperates with China Telecom. It has been implemented throughout the plant. It is mainly reflected in the equipment data acquisition, and the bonfire communication will interconnect the equipment with Double 5G network to ensure the real-time and stability of the data. Sex; at the same time, the real-time monitoring video information has been related to the interconnection, ensuring timeliness and effectiveness of the management of the factory. Compared with previous, Double 5G networks make configuration between workshop devices flexibly.

Factory data can transmit to cloud platforms in real time in Double 5G network, allowing factory management to view the entire production site, and do real-time control.

In the future, Bonfire Communications and China Telecom Wuhan Branch will continue to cooperate, promote technology innovation in key core technologies such as network, AI, safety, blockchain, and conduct full business, full procedures, and build domestic leading manufacturing intelligence. Industrial Internet platform. (Figure / Wen Wang Yunhe, Xie Anqi) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.