Midnight bachelor party is playing ambiguous

Midnight bachelor party is playing ambiguous

Guide: Singles club activities, although everyone is single and have a sense of identity, but there are still some rules that are unspoken, and some rules are still very strict, just like the “hop hop”,” Lost your handkerchief “,” The officer and the soldier catch the robber “, and you have lost the game rules.

  Singles club activities, although everyone is single and have a sense of identity, but there are still some rules unspoken, and some rules are still very strict, like the “hop-hop” we played when we were young,”Lost your handkerchief”, “The soldiers catch the robbers”, you broke the rules of the game and you lose.

Communication between singles is also one!

  Kobayashi, a 38-year-old single woman, has been divorced for 3 years. She has a 10-year-old son and is housed in her mother’s house.

  ”In the singles club, we met this way. At the beginning, I was sitting alone at a round table, surrounded by men and women I did n’t know. They seemed to be between 25 and 70 years old. There were many people and they were noisy.
The host shouted on the stage, in order to make everyone more active. Several staff members were walking around. Someone shouted that they would pass by, whisper a few words to that person, and then follow that person’s instructions to find the person they likedThe subject asks that if that subject is willing to talk, they take the two individuals to another private room.

  I was sitting there like a product in a shop window, and I was being picked, and I felt very rusty and uncomfortable.

My character is usually introverted, and if I do n’t know anyone, I will be strangled to death.

At this time, I saw the old man. I think why the woman must sit here and wait for others to pick. I beckoned the staff to pass a message and see if he would like to talk to me. It wasn’t really what I wanted to talk about at the time.It is too uncomfortable to sit there alone. If you want to find someone to talk for the time being, then we become good friends.

Xiao Wang, 31 years old, is a store owner. His life experience is legendary. He graduated from college, taught books, and served 5 years in prison for a criminal offence. In fact, it was only because of his sexual relationship with a woman.Severe, went to business after leaving prison.

He is very smart and straightforward, and he is especially enthusiastic about us. He said that he never concealed his life experience, but also relied on this life experience in exchange for tears of several girls.

  Well, women are different from men. First of all, you have to make them like you, and then you painfully describe your unique experience, not to mention that you have been in prison, you are a murderer, and they still love you crazy.

The most disliked women today are the so-called honest men who are mediocre.

Women like to experience adventurous love. The worse a man is, the more women love it. In this world, women are like this. As long as they have the know-how, are some women embarrassed?

  Conditionally, I do n’t know how much stronger a man is than me to chase a woman. They are so stupid. Such stupid people ca n’t even teach him.

  After Xiaowang divorced, he ran across the city’s single clubs, and he was a single salon.

He said, “I still find me if I don’t understand.

“In the singles club activities, although everyone is single and have a sense of identity, but there are still some rules unspoken, and some rules are still very strict, just like the” hop-hop “we played when we were young.”,” Lost your handkerchief “,” The officer and the soldier catch the robber “, and you have lost the game rules.

The same goes for singles.

  The single’s phone book Xiao Wang let us look at his phone book, dense phone numbers, and single individuals, never leaving home and work phone numbers.

In general society, people who are introduced should immediately draw a business card, introduce themselves, and leave a phone number. Anyone who does not do so will be considered impolite.

  However, in the singles club, there is no such thing as the popular politeness in the society. The two parties talked hotly, but they did not leave the phone or the real name.

In their phonebook, they are all Call numbers, with strange names, big-eyed Liu, long hair Zhang, Huaihai Luji, Xu Jiahuifang, etc. It does n’t matter who picked up such a phonebook. It does n’t matter.May reveal the owner’s secret.

  Therefore, leaving only the Call number is the first rule of the game for single club participants.

Think about it, at a bachelor party with 200 people, you can get 30 in the morning?
50 such numbers, and 30?
50 opposite sex conversations.

These calls and mutual call numbers are tentative in nature, and they do not trust each other. Even if the communication takes place, even if the other party is trusted, it does not mean that the other party is a person who is willing to continue to communicate with each other.With your hands, you are giving others a chance to constantly harass yourself.

  The single club is a special place for social activities. The first element of the game rules in this kind of place seems to be concealing. If a single person does not know how to conceal his phone number and real name, then he is in trouble.Is just a temporary protection measure for oneself.

  However, this principle does not apply to single clubs with high consumption, because the people who go there are almost all celebrities, and even if they want to hide it, they can’t hide it, so they appear there with their real names.With everything they have, they are gradually and proudly showing off, which is definitely different from low-level single clubs.

In high-level white-collar salons, people first have trust in each other’s social identities before interacting with each other, rather than first having friendship and then trust.

  ”Hidden people” “People who come here don’t have a truth.

“Xiao Wang told us.

This may be strange to people outside the circle, but it is normal in the singles circle. What is going on?

Actually, it’s not strange at all.

Because the purpose of singles coming here is very complicated, many reasons make them unwilling to tell each other their true identity and age, as well as their true personal living conditions, and vice versa.

  There are several reasons for this: First, because they don’t know if they meet today, and if they have the opportunity and interest to see each other tomorrow, in order to avoid the entanglement of the other party, they have to say something false.

Especially single women who live alone, it would be extremely annoying to be followed by someone who doesn’t like it.
  Second, some singles do not want to be known to family and colleagues when they come to a singles salon. When their identity is revealed, they occasionally expose themselves to public opinion, so that he or she has the feeling of being peered into.

  Third, in order to obtain a good first impression of the opposite sex, you may conceal your age or work department, type of work, family background, property status, child status, housing status, etc. at the first contact.
Some people have a house and say there is no house, and some people say they have no property. Most of these people are single women. They think that if a man says he loves her, then she should love her and not others.

  Of course, men may also conceal their marriage and love experiences and property status when they first met.

There is also the opposite situation, that is, to say nothing into existence, and to say that old is young, are all means to pursue each other.

People who lie know that in a commodity society, there are only layers of men who have property, and only those who have property will love. Otherwise, women will not even say hello to you.

However, if verbal deception and serious manners are used, such a single person may be evicted by the person in charge or the staff of the place.

  Fourth, because some people who come to single clubs are not in a hurry to get married, maybe they just want to make friends or just talk about the sky, or they are directly for sex, so most singles are unwilling to publicize for this purpose, so some people hide themselvesTrue social identity, the armor retains the secrets of the loveless sex produced by this place.

  Necessary makeup and grooming-sexual camouflage is a necessary behavior for singles in single club activities.

People who come here usually put on a clear mask first. Under the dim light of the ballroom, they do n’t care about anyone first. They know that they belong to the same group, but their fear of each other is so strong, soThere is indifference for thousands of miles.

  But they didn’t come to look at each other coldly, so they peeped at each other and speculated about each other.

Everyone is a hunter, and everyone is a prey.

The most popular are young women under the age of 35, with good looks and slender women are the stars here.

The dance music sounded, and the men who had taken the lead had already led the young and beautiful women down the dance floor and danced. Almost all the middle-aged and elderly women remained.

  Men only pay attention to young and beautiful women. This is an instinct and will not change for hundreds of millions of years. (The so-called also has a genetic basis. Men like young and beautiful women because of the need to reproduce their offspring, because only young, healthy and beautiful women can produce excellentOffspring).

In places like single clubs, people don’t know each other at all. Without identity, category, property, and knowledge, what can people afford to seek their love?

Then there is only one thing left, that is, looks, sexy, good looks, is your best business card.

  Don’t believe anyone, and don’t want others to believe in you. Don’t believe. To someone you know nothing about, to someone you don’t know at all, can you trust him or her?

  On the day of the investigation of a singles club, we encountered this: a single man boasted about how rich he was, and then asked a woman he thought was rich and handsome to go to the restaurant together. At that time, the woman thought that sinceIf the other party invites an offer, then the other party should definitely pay for it in the end, so they will gladly answer it.

That night the man in a restaurant called a large table of dishes, accompanied by good smoke and good wine. When he paid the bill, he hid in the toilet and refused to pay the bill. On the way home, he shamelessly pulled the woman to open a room in the hotel. The woman did not agree.
  It seems that he has become a professional scammer in a singles club, so someone has to guard against it.

We also encountered such a problem during the interview. Some singles either refused to interview or talked about it. Some people have it, but when asked about their true identity, they almost always refused to answer. Most of them said: “EveryoneThey call me Xiao Wang, and you call me Xiao Wang.

“People who come here have made friends one after another. Don’t talk about people who haven’t had a lot of contact. Even if the relationship is already deep, maybe they still know the true identity of each other.