“Our army has ten must-fight countries,In the Dragon Team,There are also ten imaginary rivals,Five of them are from Paradise Island。”

When Lin Chongshan explained to Cang Fuxue,Try to make your voice sound without too many emotional changes,But when it comes to the five imaginary enemies of the Dragon Group are all from Paradise Island,Lin Chongshan still couldn’t help but sighed softly。
“The imaginary enemy of the dragon group?”
Cang Fuxue pouted,The wrinkles on the forehead are much deeper。
If the Dragon Claw and Dragon Fang teams are special forces in the special forces,Then the Dragon Group is already a special group of people that cannot be described by adjectives,Only ten out of 1.3 billion people,How to describe this?
“As a soldier,My belief is the party and the country,I am fearless,But I still want to keep my opinion,If such a monster can not provoke it, don’t provoke it。”
Lin Chongshan accepts Cang Fuxue’s scrutiny indifferently,Soldiers are never afraid of sacrifice,But if you really make a fuss,Lin Chongshan has absolute confidence to destroy the Paradise Island,But I’m afraid it’s not just the soldiers who will sacrifice。
“Why did they come to China?Don’t you know that China is a restricted zone in those dark worlds??”
Cang Fuxue’s voice is low when she speaks,Like a beast that just awakened,Just listening to the sound makes people shudder。
“Judging from the information we obtained,This Xiangyang came to China with a mercenary named Xiang Chen,A little funny,This person named Xiang Chen turned out to retire from Paradise Island to Wanghai City for retirement。”
Speaking of mercenaries retirement,Lin Chongshan couldn’t help but smile,Then continued。
“We did not collect any information about this Xiang Chen,Only show that Xiangyang is Xiangchen’s adopted daughter。”
“No information is the most dangerous information,Can leave a mercenary organization like Paradise Island,interesting!”