A few barren people fell to the ground,Make a panic cry。
The surrounding bugs swarmed at them immediately。
They dig holes in every available hole,If not found,They just use their teeth to do it themselves。
“Run fast!”
Huangren has reached the point of complete collapse。
When the word rang,It’s like a spark in a filled**Burning in the room,Ignited all the fears of the deserted people。
Fiery fear burned all their reason and wisdom,When they started to flee in all directions,Everyone screamed in horror。
Some people managed to escape the bug-ridden area。
Before they have a chance to relax,Fell into a greater fear。
A large bucket of green acid poured on top of them,Acid poured on their faces and bodies。
This powerful corrosive acid immediately began to erode their bodies,When blood blisters began to appear on their faces and hands,Large pieces of skin corroded by the acid will fall off。
A wild man let out a scream of horror,Then turned and ran towards Li Huaizhi。
right now,He looks like a demon。
He clutched his acid-corroded head out of blind instinct,I shaved off a large piece of meat from my face,Revealed a bloody skeleton。