Concentrateing civilization power to help urban governance

Original title: Concentration of civilized power to help urban governance on October 19th, the national civilized city hosted by the Central Central Civilization Office was started in Chengdu.

Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Xiaohui, director of the Central Central Civilization Office, attended the opening office and mobilized speech, Sichuan Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda, delivered speeches, Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Standing Committee, Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee, Chengdu Secretary Shi Xiaolin is a speech.

  Wang Xiaohui pointed out that on the occasion of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the All-Party Social Society, the Central Civilization Office held a national civilized city to create work training courses, and promoted civilized cities in the new round of creation cycle. It is of great significance to create high quality and high development. In recent years, Sichuan Province and Chengdu continues to deepen the creation of civilized cities, and continuously improve urban governance ability, earnestly enhance the sense of happiness in the masses, and condense the strong spiritual power for the continued healthy development of the city, providing a good social environment, The creation of civilized cities in the Midwest area explores the path and has accumulated experience.

This training course is held in Chengdu, on-site exchange experience, sharing results, and has a practical role in improving the establishment of work levels. Wang Xiaomei emphasized that civilized cities have created people in people-heart projects and important political tasks related to the development of party and national undertakings. They must consciously use the new era of China’s new era, and ensure that civilized cities have continued to grow in the correct direction.

We must profoundly understand the new situation, new tasks, new tasks, adhere to the antenna, the next place, adhere to the integration center, service overall situation, adhere to the system thinking, comprehensive policy, and insist on the typical demonstration, role model Leading, adhere to the problem-oriented, symptoms, insist on the effect orientation, seek effectiveness, adhere to the times, improve innovation, and continue to promote civilized cities to create upper level levels. To follow the "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 long-term target outline to follow, strengthen macro thinking and overall planning, building a city, the city, the city of happiness, the city, the city of good governance, the city, and work hard Creating a belief, Chongde, a civilized city with strong cultural thickness, harmony, and satisfied with the people.

It is necessary to resolutely eliminate and prevent formisms, and achieve the leap of creation of work quality in the accumulation of daily workloads, to achieve effectiveness, and winning the honorary title of the real place.

  At the opening office, the principal responsible person of the Municipal Civilization Committee such as Lanzhou, Taizhou, Pingxiang, Wuhan made a speech.

The 118 levels of the city civilization committees, civilized cities, including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and the national civilized cities and nominations in the city, and the person in charge of the city civilization committee and the civilized office. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wu Hao) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.