How to treat beriberi is effective

How to treat beriberi is effective

Guide: athlete’s foot often occurs in the hot summer, and in the summer, people who often suffer from athlete’s foot begin to cause distress again. How can the treatment of athlete’s foot be effective?

It is important to choose the right medicine. Choose the right drug dosage form for the type of qi, and also choose the right medicine, so as to achieve the healing effect.

Athlete’s foot is mainly divided into several types: erosive type, blister type and hyperkeratosis. Some types of beriberi should use different drugs.

At present, there are many types of medications for beriberi, and there are many dosage forms. The main dosage forms are creams, sprays, gels, powders, and creams.

Since the dosage form is the baseline between the drug and the clinical medication, the dosage form of the drug can affect the absorption and clearance of the drug, so in addition to choosing the right drug, the right drug should be selected for the treatment of beriberi.

Through research, it is found that, for the common blisters and erosive mild to moderate beriberi in summer, the effect of the spray fills the cream, and the effect of the cream improves the powder.

Blisters type, erosion-implanted beriberi belongs to acute dermatitis with exudation. According to the principle of topical dosage forms, acute attacks, redness, swelling, blisters and a large amount of exudate should be applied with cold wet dressing.

The spray formulation is most suitable for this purpose.

How to treat beriberi?

In addition to choosing the right drug dosage form, you should also pay attention to choosing the right drug.

(1) For blister-type beriberi, it is necessary to choose drugs that have both anti-allergic and anti-fungal effects, such as Parison, Yifuqing, Ketokang, etc. The dosage form is to choose creams, and to avoid alcohol preparations (such as beriberi), Webster lotion, etc.) to avoid allergic reactions.

If there are a large number of blisters, and there are mergers and erosions, you can use the compound copper sulfate solution 1:20 to soak your feet, or purslane 60 grams, dew water, and soak your feet.

(2) For hyperkeratosis beriberi, can athlete’s foot ointment or 1% be used?
3% clotrimazole cream and so on.

Because hyperkeratosis beriberi is difficult to treat, it is still necessary to choose a suitable drug to penetrate the dermis by dipping to completely cure it. The method of soaking feet with drugs is very good.

At present, there are many such drugs, such as foot light powder, Sanjiu foot beauty Shu, Zheng’s traditional Chinese medicine foot treatment are better.

In order to completely cure beriberi, in addition to the above-mentioned methods of treating beriberi, we must also pay attention to some personal hygiene habits and diet.

While treating with medication, keep washing your feet, socks, and foot cream every day, and keep your shoes in a ventilated place. It is best not to wear your previous shoes and socks after your feet are cured to prevent reinfection.

Usually eat foods rich in vitamin B, such as asparagus, almonds, lean meat, eggs, chicken, peanuts, milk, beer, animal liver, cereals, oats, corn and other grains, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, garlic, etc. are rich inB vitamins, B vitamins can regulate sebaceous gland secretion and enhance skin resistance.

Last reminder: Be careful when using the prescription for treating athlete’s foot, and use as few irritating things as possible when using the prescription, so as not to cause allergic reactions.

If you rub the garlic on the affected area, it may cause the symptoms of redness, swelling and even water flowing, which will make the condition worse.

How to treat beriberi, in addition to mastering the methods of treating beriberi, we should also pay attention to treating beriberi as soon as possible but not later. Once symptoms of beriberi appear, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Early treatment uses less medicine and is conducive to healing.

Once the condition gets worse, treatment is more difficult, and it may even cause erysipelas to be life-threatening.