Female high school students should not be fit

Female high school students should not be fit


It is not appropriate to lift eyebrows and trace eyebrows to block sweat, dust and protect the eyes.

The girl’s eyebrows have not yet fully grown and developed. At this time, plucking and drawing eyebrows is equivalent to removing the eye-eye barrier, so that dust and bacteria fall straight into the eye sockets, which is prone to eye disease.

Unplugging the eyebrows is a malignant stimulus to the nerve endings around the orbits, which can cause imbalance in the movement of the eye muscles, causing the skin around the eyes to relax, prone to wrinkles and drooping eyelids, and further affecting beauty in adulthood.


It is not appropriate to wear the ears of falling girls with delicate ears. At this time, the accessories of the ears of Zaza can cause artificial ear trauma, and the risk of infection and purulent infection caused by germs.

According to reports, in Kabul, Afghanistan, 16% of tetanus patients were born from pierced ears.


It is not appropriate to make up the skin and liver and gallbladder of the human body with a total of more than 20 million sweat holes, which are excreted by the sweat holes about 1 every day.

50,000 examination of body waste.

The girl’s thick makeup and brightening powder, once combined with the discharge of body waste, will not only affect body temperature regulation, but also occasionally cause “cosmetic spot rash”, affecting facial muscle development and bodybuilding.


Should not be tied to the chest will affect the ribs, sternum and diaphragm muscle movement, affect the normal choking and the normal development of the chest, so that the local cells are small, the vital capacity is too small, will affect breast development and breastfeeding after marriage, severe cases will cause benign breastTables include diseases such as thrombosis and phlebitis.


It is not advisable not to wear bras. Some girls have large breasts and still do not wear bras. Over time, the breasts will easily sag and sag, and normal blood circulation in the breast will occur, causing some blood stasis and causing breast cancer. DiseaseExercise can also cause breast cancer to be traumatized and cause mastitis.


It is not advisable to use hormones for the development of breast cancer. Some young girls are suspected to be small, and estrogen is used instead of complications. Although there is a temporary effect, but over time, breast, vagina, cervix, uterine body, and ovarian cancer may increase.

Abuse of estrogen can easily cause nausea, rejection of vomiting, and anorexia, which leads to uterine bleeding, uterine hypertrophy, menstrual disturbance, and liver and kidney damage.


Some girls who are not suitable for long-term use of bodybuilding creams have poor room development. Applying bodybuilding creams can make breasts plump and grow. Long-term application can cause irregular menstruation, pigmentation, skin atrophy and thinning, and can also make the liver’s enzyme system.Distorted, reduced bile acid synthesis, easy to form cholesterol stones.


It is not suitable to wear high elastic pants tightly wrapped around the crotch, buttocks and thighs. Poor permeability affects blood and lymph circulation, fights joint flexion and normal body development, and easily causes teenage vulvitis, itching, pain, and swelling of the vulva.Due to the diffuse ulcers on the epidermis of the genitals, the pain and itching even worse after urination, and the inguinal lymph nodes became enlarged and painful due to infection.


Should not wear pointed high-heeled girls toenails soft and tender, long-term wearing pointed high-heeled shoes instead of squeezing and rubbing toes, but also cause foot problems.

This kind of foot disease is medically called high heel pain.

The arch of the foot is elevated and enlarged in high heels throughout the year, and the toes are forced to squeeze forward when walking, causing the wall of the blood vessel accompanying the phrenic nerve to thicken, forming a local thrombus, causing the plantar nerve to enlarge, degenerate, or formInlay nails, the pain is unbearable, and the older foot disease is more and more severe.


It is not suitable to use dental teeth for a long time to chew food for a long time, which may cause tooth strain, asymmetric facial development, and damage bodybuilding.