Four elements of scientific sleep

Four elements of scientific sleep

If you count eight hours of sleep a day, people have extra time spent in their sleep.

The quality of sleep is closely related to people’s mental and physical health.

Sleep has four elements that have a great impact on the quality of sleep.


Whether it is the bed in the south or the shackles in the north, when it is placed or built, it should be north-south, and when the person sleeps, the head is north and south, so that the body is not disturbed by geomagnetism.

The hardness of the paving should be moderate. The hard paved people have to turn over frequently because of their stimulation. It is difficult to sleep, and the body is sore after sleep. The height of the pillow is generally one shoulder (about 10 cm) of the sleeper.Causes cervical spurs.

In the summer, the pillows should be frequently turned over to prevent the bacteria from entering the nose and mouth, and the lung diseases are increased.


People who have a heart disorder in a sleeping position, it is best to have multiple heads to avoid causing heart pressure and increase the incidence of the disease; those with high blood pressure and pain in the brain should properly raise the occipital position; the lung patients should often have a high pillow, and oftenChange to the sleeping side, in order to facilitate the sputum into the stomach, see the fullness of the stomach and liver and gallbladder disease, right sleep is appropriate; limbs have a painful situation, stress relief pressure and lying.

In short, choose a comfortable, conducive to the sleeping position of the disease, help to sleep.


Sleep time should generally be maintained for 7 to 8 hours, but not necessarily forced, depending on individual differences.

Sleeping fast and sleeping deeply, generally no dreams or dreamers, sleep 6 hours to fully recover energy; slow sleep and shallow sleepy eyes, often dreaming of dreamers, even if you sleep for 10 hours, it is still difficult to refresh, shouldThrough a variety of treatments, long-term effective sleep, just prolonged sleep time is harmful to the body.

Because each person has a different circadian rhythm, the arrangement of sleeping sooner or later will vary from person to person!

In fact, different 都市夜网 circadian rhythms make sleep appear in two situations, namely “night owl” and “lark”.

Adapting to this circadian rhythm is conducive to improving work efficiency and quality of life, and vice versa.


Sleeping environment is good or bad, and it is closely related to the sleeping environment.

At 15 to 24 degrees, you can sleep well.

The smoke left by smoking after closing the window in winter, as well as the incomplete burning of gas, can also make people unable to sleep.

In the vicinity of the source of high-frequency ionizing electromagnetic radiation, if the long-term sleep is not good, but the disease is caused by the disease, it is best to migrate far away.

In summary, if people can master the four elements of scientific sleep, they can effectively improve the quality of sleep and consume more work with more energy.

Scientific sleep is a new and more demanded by modern life.