[Can I eat fish soup with inflammation?

】 _Arthritis_Can you eat

[Can I eat fish soup with inflammation?
】 _Arthritis_Can you eat

In normal life, people often stew fish soup to eat, and some people are often eaten by patients with fish soup. Patients who drink fish soup have a good tonic effect. Fish soup is very rich in nutrition and has a lot ofHealth care function, with diuretic and swelling effect, especially has good brain function, eat fish soup in summer can clear heat and detoxify, etc., then people with inflammation in the body can eat fish soup?

Can I eat fish soup with inflammation?
For gynecological arthritis, you can eat catfish soup.

But do n’t eat spicy foods, some ginger, garlic, pepper, and white wine.

For itching caused by vaginitis, you can use the following two traditional Chinese medicines to smoke and wash the prescription: 1. Snake bed, vicious, withered, flavescens, wormwood, artemisia sylvestris, and Poria cocos.15 minutes, take the juice.

When the medicine liquid is boiling and steaming, squatting over the container holding the medicine liquid for fumigation.

When the temperature of the liquid drops to a moderate level, immerse the vulva and anus in the liquid for 15-20 minutes.

Finally, wash the vulva with clean water and put on clean underwear.

This traditional Chinese medicine fumigation and washing formula is used once a day and smoked and washed twice.

Use 3 days after menstruation clean, 7-10 days as a course of treatment, can be used continuously for 3-4 courses.

However, those who have severe ulcers in the vulva supplement this prescription.

2. Crane lice, Sophora flavescens, Snake bed, Wei Lingxian, hibiscus skin each 15 grams, decoction smoked and washed (smoked when the temperature of the medicine is high, washed when warm), the antipruritic effect is quite good.

For trichomonas and vulvar ulcers caused by fungal vaginitis, it can also be treated with metronidazole or nystatin.

Gynecological diseases do not eat hot and sour foods that easily lead to hot and humid.

A balanced diet is recommended.

Description of fungal vaginitis.

There is also bacterial vaginosis.

Suggestions: The use of imidazole suppositories for vaginal administration has a good effect on mycotic vaginitis.

Clotrimazole suppository 1 capsule per night, supplement the vagina after flushing, 10?
14 days mycotic vaginitis is easy to repeat, it is important to eliminate the root cause, it is recommended to pay more attention to hygiene, wash underwear and socks separately and expose to the sun.

Under the guidance of a doctor, topical systemic medications are added. The drugs include daconin suppository and nystatin tablets. Both married couples should be treated at the same time.

Suggestions: The cure standard for mycotic vaginitis is: 3 days after the treatment is discontinued, the leucorrhea is checked every day, and it is negative for 3 consecutive days, which is a recent cure.

Leucorrhea will be reviewed 5 to 7 days before menstrual cramps in the future, for a total of two months, and continuous negative is the cure.