Lu Menglin gently pulled Jiang Jinghong’s clothes behind his back,Motion her to back,Then I stood at the forefront。

“Talking more is not helpful,Let’s see how high it is!The lawsuit is the most meaningless。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
The circle of people around him rolled their eyes collectively,Isn’t it this guy who likes mouth shot the most??
The King of Mouth and Cannon in Team Menglin told everyone seriously,Stop talking,This is too funny!
Seeing Lu Menglin speak,Although Jiang Jinghong is sulky,But it’s not good to say more,Had to retreat behind him。
“it is good!I look forward to playing against your team!”Yokoshima little tree leaned down politely,Lightly。
The two sides no longer dispute,This matter is over for the time being。
Organizer representative,The white-haired old man said loudly:“Then,The KOF match continues,The decision to ban unlimited combos takes effect immediately。”
This remark,The King of Fighters players on the square are talking again。
anyway,The schedule still has to go on,This can only be regarded as a small episode。
And this forbidden move of unlimited killing,At present, it only appears in the two super teams of China and Japan.,After all,It has no direct relationship with most participating teams。
Next game,Also attracted almost everyone’s attention。
Because this is a controversial game,At the same time an unfinished game。
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