2021 years ago, Shanxi Province, three major economic indicators, two digits

  Original title: The three major economic indicators of our province increase the latest news of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics. In the first 7 months of this year, the province’s economy continues to stabilize the development trend, industry, investment, consumption and other main indicators to maintain two digits growth, The annual goals lay a solid foundation.

  According to the data, the total number of industrial added values ??above the province increased by 15%, and the growth rate is more than the country, and the average growth rate in the country is faster than the national percentage point, including the month in July. The growth rate of fixed asset investment continues to grow rapidly in the country, three industries and key areas. From the perspective of the industry, manufacturing investment leads growth.

Investment growth in manufacturing in the province, where equipment manufacturing investment growth%, high-tech manufacturing investment growth%, which is fast in total investment growth. The province’s social consumer goods retail billion yuan, growth%.

The retail sales of urban and rural consumer goods increased by more than 3%, the new consumption is booming, and the retail sales of online products on the province is 11.4 billion yuan, the growth is doubled, and the consumer market has accelerated.

  In addition, import and export, tourism growth, rapid growth, financial support is powerful, and the employment situation is overall.

(Reporter He Juanfang Li Jing).