Parent-child time: teach baby literacy rhymes

Parent-child time: teach baby literacy rhymes

Children’s songs are children’s best friends. Since the introduction of the “very practical children’s songs collection” a while ago, everyone has reflected the need for this kind of content. We have specially launched a children’s songs series to help children understand Chinese characters.

  This series of nursery rhymes is described in terms of images, and the rhythm of the mouth makes children unknowingly master a lot of Chinese characters. Moms and baby will start reading together!

(Note: In order to achieve the imaginative effect, you can cooperate with your mother’s writing on paper.) Cut it into eight pieces and the watermelon is separated.

  Give the baby food, and the baby eats well.

  Pinch and poke, weigh it.

  Add horizontal and vertical, how many pounds?

  Two by one frame and two closed, two little men inside.

  The two villains were in harmony, with a stick on their heads.

  A little bit of a dog’s head turns into a little yellow dog.

  Dog breeding in cities is unhygienic, and it is not safe to bite people.

  Mao like three is not three, the vertical hook is bent to the right.

  Animals have hair and are protected from winter.

  The skin tail is dragged to the ground, and his head is representative.

  The old wolf came again, in goatskin.

  Three small feet are one claw.

  The eagle has paws and loves to catch the chicks.

  The child’s head bent, his feet hooked, and a flat shoulder lifted up.

  It’s a good boy to pick wheat and stay still.

  The tail is like a squirrel tail, and the tail is long next to the mouth.

  The animal’s tail swept back and forth, cutting off the fly’s calf leg.

  Come with a grain of rice and leak it down.

  Come here, pick it up.