Detect your friendship radiation

Detect your friendship radiation


Intelligence puzzle 2.

Telescope 3.

Rubik’s Cube 4.

Kaleidoscope answer: 1.

Choose “intelligence puzzle” friendship radiation power: 100%.

You have a unique personality and charm. You are a popular king by nature. You have unique insights into popular things. There are constant topics no matter where you go.


Choose “telescope” friendship radiation power: 80%.

You are a cheerful and talkative girl. You are lively and elegant, and you love everything related to beauty. You especially like to discuss trend information with your gay friends.


Choose the “radius cube” friendship radiation power: 70%.

You have a bit of mysterious taste and changeable ideas. Sometimes you like to hide in the room, listen to music and watch the discs, and sometimes you like to make fun, often invite a group of sisters to relax!


Choose “Kaleidoscope” friendship radiation power: 200%.

Aihuabao’s extroverted personality, full of sunshine, music, sports, etc. are all your interests, so you have more opportunities to meet more friends than ordinary girls.