Lu Menglin put down the phone,A lot of people came in again。

It’s the neighbor eighth aunt who has brought people here again。
Auntie is my mother’s best friend,They used to work together on the assembly line in the factory,Di has a deep revolutionary friendship,I often buy vegetables together,Talk about anything。
This eighth aunt is already the third time this week to lead someone to Lu’s house,The first two times I introduced jobs to relatives’ children,Was rejected by Lu Youshan,This theme park project has not yet started operation,How could someone come in,Not even a college student。
But this time the eighth aunt brought a beautiful girl,With a thick and bright braid,Little blushing,She looks like a hardworking girl。
“Chunqin,What do you think of this girl?Look good,And honest,Don’t you think?”My eighth aunt saw Lu Menglin present,Asked with a mysterious face。
Lu Menglin took a look,This girl is really cute,A pair of big and round eyes,Dizzy,Looking at Lu Jia curiously。
but,This obviously can’t be the reason for her to stay,If you want to stay because they are beautiful,Lu Menglin is not that kind of person!
When i haven’t seen a beauty?
Lu Menglin casually said:“Sorry,I’ll be back to school in two days。I’m afraid I don’t have time to make friends。”
The voice has not fallen,The girl didn’t respond much,But Mother Lu and Auntie eight looked at him in surprise at the same time。
“what happened?Did i say something wrong?”Lu Menglin is a little confused,Asked。
Mother Lu gave her son a wink quickly,Shouted:“Brat,What are you talking about!This is the babysitter my eighth aunt found for our family,Who wants to be friends with you!”
Say this out,Lu Menglin suddenly turned red,Where is this?!
“it is good,it is good。You guys chat。I’ll go out for a meeting first。”Lu Menglin made a big joke,Buggering。