“Brother Hu is so amazing,No peeing during the whole process!”

“Power acting,Starred in true colors,Great,Great!”
“Is it,Is there no one to pity uncle??I don’t know how much he lost this time,Does anyone place the order for everyone to guess?”
“I guess it’s worth hundreds of thousands。”
“More than one million!Hu Ge,I understand,Hundreds of thousands of things,He rarely fancy,Can let him play,Estimated to be more than hundreds of thousands。”
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Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Bi Xiushan
Watching Qian Datong and the others leave,Populus and others don’t stay,After going out,Hu Yang especially remembers this door number,Convenient for query,Find homeowner。
Populus don’t know,They just left,A figure came back recklessly,When the picture frame on the wall is missing,Depressed,Leave in despair。
After going out,Hu Yang just explained to everyone。