Men marry these 5 women a painful life

Men marry these 5 women a painful life

For men, the following five types of women may make your marriage a painful journey: 1. A woman who wants to change a man. She may be from a family without love and has never been emotionally warm.

Because she tried everything but could not get love from her parents, she desperately sought for her partner.

If a partner doesn’t know how to give her a modest amount of love, she will try to change her partner.

She always feels that the other party is not perfect, but she still “believes in the other party’s potential” and will use all means to turn the other party into the person she needs.

If you refuse to accept her “remake”, your marriage will only end.

  2. A woman who has no self may never take good care of herself.

When a person in need of care appeared, she naturally devoted all her attention to the other person and devoted herself to paying for it.

She is willing to accept and bear the blame and guilt in the emotional world anytime, anywhere.

She does not live for herself, but for others; along with saying that she is a selflessly dedicated girl, it is better to say that she is the slave of a love slave who lost her self.

But marriage is an equal partnership, not a master-slave relationship.

Accompanied by a woman without self, the man bears the heaviest and heaviest emotional burden.

Unless you are a cold man, you can accept her “sacrifice”.

For herself, once a man leaves her for some reason, she may collapse because she cannot accept reality.

  3. A woman without a bottom line has never felt secure, and she never knew to be restrained or contented.

Once she falls in love with someone, unless the other person does not belong to her at all, she will not give up, she will wait, and work harder to do things that cross the bottom line.

Such women are more emotional in doing things, and they will ignore the consequences because of impulse, whether it is shopping crazy or extreme pursuit of enjoyment.

In marriage, she is even more unable to face the abandoned ending, even if the love is over, she will use whatever means to keep him at any cost.

  4. A woman who refuses to be true. She has never had confidence. Even if she is happy, she does not believe that it is true.

She doubts everything, including love, because her heart cannot bear the warmth of love.

If you marry with such a woman, you should always be prepared to deal with her sensitivity and doubt, and bear all the storms in her life.

Similarly, if emotions encounter twists and turns, she will only let herself live in a world full of fantasy, real reality.

Just like ostriches, when they are in danger, they bury their heads in the sand and think that everything will be fine without facing them.

In fact, she just didn’t have the courage to face reality.

  5. A “masochistic” woman. She is willing to be with those who are emotionally and unsuccessful in life and have constant problems, seeking comfort from them, thereby covering up her own confusion and irresponsibility.

Maybe because she had encountered abnormal sufferings and misfortunes during her growth, she would not cherish the “good” people who dedicated herself to her.

In her eyes, a peaceful life is too bland.

She prefers to conquer turbulent days and uncontrollable people, and treats it as a stimulus.

Such women are easily derailed in marriage, because they will not be satisfied with the dullness of chai oil and salt, but prefer to repeatedly seek freshness and excitement.