Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball of 2014 Online Fatty Free Kicks (Video)

“Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball of 2014” Online Fatty Free Kicks (Video)
An unknown fat man became popular on the YouTube video site, and the video he uploaded had more than 105,000 hits.In the video titled 2014 Best Floating Ball and Curve Ball, this unnamed fat man kicked a free kick outside the big penalty area of the stadium.From a variety of angles, I witnessed a wonderful arc into the net nest, and the fat friend who pointed at the goalkeeper repeatedly frustrated from the net nest.  Among the free kicks taken by the fat man, there are not only the floating ball kicked out by the crossbow of the foot, but also the arc ball stepped out by the foot, and the foot and foot are straight to the dead end.Of course, such video highlights may take many failures to record a good shot, but this fat man’s footwork can still be regarded as a leader among homework enthusiasts.  The British “Daily Mail” specifically reported this magical fat man, ridiculed that he was in good condition Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea, I am afraid it is difficult to get his arc.(Li Puli)