Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Six Whistle
There are more than 20,000 people in the second factory,It’s normal for Lu Youshan not to know the workers below,But it is normal for workers to know him。
“sit!Master Cao, sit down first。have you eaten?”Lu Youshan smiled politely。
Master Cao’s family of three,Cautiously walked into the Lu’s living room,Didn’t sit down,But it seems a little at a loss。
Lu Menglin winked at Jin Soyan,The two got up and walked into the door,Leave the sofa space for guests。
Mom quickly cleaned up the dinner table,Clean up the living room,Convenient for husbands to discuss matters with guests。
Lu Youshan took out a cigarette from him,Handed it to Master Cao,There is no such thing as a factory manager。
Master Cao took the cigarette,I finally calmed down,Thank you,Finally, I carefully sat down next to the edge of the sofa。
“Master Cao has something?”Lu Youshan lit a cigarette,Passed the lighter in his hand。
Master Cao didn’t feel embarrassed to smoke in the Lu’s living room,But a bitter smile,Tao:“Director Lu,My wife and I are both employees in the factory,I have been working in the second factory for almost 20 years,My wife is in the knitting factory,Also worked for more than ten years,This time the factory restructuring,The laid-off list came out,We both got off。”
Lu Youshan nodded sympathetically,My brows are heavier than the mountains。
“Director Lu,I beg you,Can you help me,Let’s just leave one off the job?Child is still young,I respond to the national call,Delayed marriage and childbearing,The child is still young!Both are laid off,How do we live!”
Talking,The old worker’s eyes are red,Tears fell straight away。
He cried,My wife and children started crying。
Men who have tears do not flick,Just because I haven’t been sad!Lu Youshan’s eyes suddenly turned red,He knows too much about the difficulties of these old workers。
The word laid-off,For their ordinary worker families,It’s almost as if sentenced to death。
Leaving Liufang, where they swayed their youth,They don’t know what to do,I don’t know how to face the unknown world outside。