“OK!I didn’t have time to eat at night,I ate a bowl of instant noodles at the door and waited for you by the roadside。”Big bear is refreshing,But a little embarrassed:“But I eat a lot,Enough money you brought?”

“Let go。I won’t bet you here and find money,A leopard in the worst。”
“right,Abao is rich,If you let him pay the bill, he certainly doesn’t care about how much I eat!”Bear is really relieved,Open eighty string,Two dozen oysters,I have to add four grilled chicken wings,Then say:“about there。”
“Almost just a little bit?Then make up the difference。”Chen Wenjin still feels a little embarrassed about Big Bear,really,Listen to him again:“The boss,Add another twenty strings to make a whole,Add two more chicken wings。”
“good job!Your strong body is not in vain!”Chen Wenjin is ashamed,His combat effectiveness is obviously only half that of Big Bear。
“Gold, you said let go of it,Don’t look back and feel sorry for the money!Hey,Actually, I haven’t let go of it.,I always wanted to have a good meal before,It’s the first time to have a refreshing meal when I recently visited the Master,But I’m not completely full,Still a little embarrassed。I think you are really,It must be true to tell me to let go,I don’t have to be polite。”Big bear talking,Pour a drink,Said again:“My brother kept saying that you are a true friend you can trust,I don’t think much of Xiao Gao,So I believe him,I don’t get too close to people he says are unreliable。”
“Your brothers are in a good relationship,You also trust Xiao Gao。”Chen Wenjin knew that Big Bear is quite interesting。
“He took care of me since I was young,Of course the relationship is better。He is like half a father and half a mother,I don’t believe who he believes?Who doesn’t listen to him??”Da Xiong said it for granted,Had another drink。
“correct,You said that you recently worshipped Master,What are you doing?”Chen Wenjin knew that the man was cold,But they must lead this person through their brothers,Find a chance to clean up the goods when you meet。
“……Learn martial arts,He went to Shaolin Temple to practice,Very capable!Didn’t you make me punch and grab my fist last time??My master is better!I hit more than 20 punches in a row and he can catch them all without missing!brick!Just the red brick,He can interrupt with one punch!Hit a dozen bricks in a row!You can see by his hands,Very thick calluses,He said that others would hurt their hands without gloves,You don’t need gloves at all to practice him like that……”Big bear talks about the cold wind,All worship。
The cold wind guy is in stock,But did not break through the physical limitations,And what that guy is best at is not fighting,Is something else,Brothers Xiao Gao want to practice,But what you really learn is something else。
just,Da Xiong will definitely not say now。
“So awesome?Look back and find time for me to treat,Introduce us to know each other。”Chen Wenjin said that,Big bear said strangely:“Gold, you are a little weird today,You want me to take the initiative to introduce Master to you?I don’t think you have such interest at all before,Except for the good brothers in Huihe Shuo,You seem to be all cold and indifferent and don’t care at all,Don’t want to care。”
“Then your brother is my good brother?Then I will naturally bring you close to trust Xiao Gao,Of course I want to know the master of your brothers。”What Chen Wenjin said is reasonable,Know in my heart,Indeed, he is now compared to the boyhood in his memory,The personality differences in external performance are more obvious。
“That’s right!”Big Bear thought for a while,Wiped the corners of the mouth,Difficult to say:“I dare not call the shots,I still have to wait for my brother to decide。He said that Master’s matters should not be told casually,And I may not be able to ask Master,Originally he took my brother,I count it incidentally。”
“Row,Just go back and ask Xiao Gao。It’s not a big event that you have to meet,No need to worry。”
The two chatted again,Chen Wenjin brought it here,He brought his crispy bones with the meat skewers。
Big bear eats happily,Gobbled up the momentum,I think it’s so delicious。When eating chicken wings, cumin flew on his bushy eyebrows,He swept it down impatiently,Continue to wipe out food quickly。