Zhu Wunian, who was about to leave, noticed a cold breath coming from behind him,Counterattack quickly,But I saw behind me,Qi Er, this guy appeared!

“Humph!I know that this guy has more than success!”
Qi Er glanced regretfully at the dead elder beside him,Sighed helplessly,At this time, we absolutely cannot let the army continue to be so confused!
“Everyone listen,Array,Surround,Runaway,cut!”
Wielding a big knife in the second hand,An instant,Seeing a guy who was about to escape split in half,Just now,Zhu Wunian has also returned to the army。
Accompanied by a roar,The soldiers in Qicheng finally reacted,Don’t love war,Back directly,Start the array according to the prescribed place,The five elements and gossip of the entire Qicheng are condensed once again!
“Kill from the north!”
Xia Chenglong’s order came in my ear,At this time, Xia Chenglong is already at the top of the battlefield,The situation under the viewer,The Right Army is ready to respond!
Chapter Ninety Fifty Win and return
Five Elements Bagua Formation,Endless,Five elements,Gossip echo,Can increase the power of these guys who are not very strong in the first place,An instant,The battle situation on the sword city side began to become less optimistic,Those guys echo each other,Basically every part will be surrounded by forces against each other。
If we say that the battle on the front battlefield,Without the help of this formation,It’s basically a one-on-one or one-on-two individual duel plus a mutual response with comrades in arms,But if facing this kind of formation,When the formation starts,Basically, you have to face the endless battle of wheels alone.!
It’s not just continuous battles with different opponents,Even more terrifying is,Cooperation between different arms,Can often exert a terrifying effect!