Six core hidden rules in the workplace

Six core hidden rules in the workplace

Unlike the black and white letters, the obvious rules recognized by the public, the hidden rules are just like side dishes that can’t be placed on the table. They will never be loudly written on the notice board, but you need to be open and silent in order to avoid one after another.Awkward.

  Six core unspoken rules in the workplace Unspoken rules 1 Do n’t demand 100% fairness. The explicit rule tells us to work under the principle of fairness and justice, but the unspoken rules say that we ca n’t demand the boss to be level, especially the boss has no privilege.

  When Sun Xiaoming first joined the company as the director of the planning department, he had not enjoyed other expenses except salary.

By chance, she knew the administrative director Zhao Ping’s mobile phone expenses were actually reimbursed, which made her very unconvinced!

Imagine that Zhao Ping sat in the company every day and never heard her use her mobile phone to contact her for work.

No, she also has hope for the boss!

So Sun Xiaoming took the opportunity to report to the boss to apply to the boss. The boss was surprised when he heard it, and said that the logistics staff did not have any communication fees?

“But Zhao Ping has it!

Her expenses have been reimbursed, and it is said that they are not low.

The boss listened and groaned. “Is it?”

Let me find out.

“This understanding is two months. It is okay to say that the boss does not reply, and Sun Xiaoming only charges more than one hundred dollars a month.

However, she had a hard time with Zhao Ping. When she saw that the boss didn’t move, she was angry and resentful. Finally, she couldn’t help but refused with her colleague, but she was totally shouted: “You know what happened to Zhao Ping’s mobile phone bill.?
It was the boss ‘s secretary ‘s phone number, but she borrowed Zhao Ping ‘s name to avoid being asked by a half-owner.

You’re stupid, and you want to use this to discuss the boss with you, aren’t you trying to die?

“Sun Xiaoming was frightened into a cold sweat, secretly blaming himself for not understanding the level of depth!

No wonder the boss frowned when he saw himself!

Since then, she never dared to mention mobile phone charges. When she looked at Zhao Ping, she became jealous.

  Off-site reminder: blindly pursuing fairness often does not have good results, and the justice ambassador of “pursuit of truth” is also easy to be suspicious. Sometimes, the appearance you know may not be the evidence or reason of the evidence, so you do not have to be angryInjustice, once you have a deep understanding of the company’s operating culture and become familiar with the boss’s style of behavior, you will be able to see it.

  Unspoken rule 2 Mo and colleagues show that the rules of money exchanges tell us that colleagues must help each other to unite and love each other, but the unspoken rule says that not everyone can be regarded as a borrower.

  An interpersonal relationship called a “colleague” prevents the flow of funds in the workplace.

  The account director SUNNY was once an awkward Yang Bailao!

At the end of the month, it was her most painful time like the moonlight goddess. She just caught up with the rent. Sunny had to ask her colleague LILY for help. She borrowed money for the first time, and LILY was not good at rejecting it., I was very happy to help her solve the urgent need, but 3000 yuan can not be paid off at once, according to SUNNY had to be cheeky again and again to ask others for grace, the last time, LILY answered SUNNY said not to worry, a few days ago toMy daughter pays tuition fees, but I have figured out a way.

SUNNY thanked him heartlessly, and was later pointed out by “good people” that people are actually suggesting that you pay back the money. Besides, you will not be able to afford the 3000 yuan if you are full of famous brands?

Who believes?

Both inside and outside the words are insinuating SUNNY’s account.

Not to mention how uncomfortable SUNNY was, the next day I found my classmates to demolish the wall to make holes, only to temporarily cover this layer of shame. As for whether or not to leave a bad reputation in the future, SUNNY did not think about it.

  Off-site reminder: Indeed, who has let the current fashion upside down this year, the debtor is the grandfather, and the credit account is the grandson!

“Colleagues” revolutionary comrades who came together for the purpose of earning money and career, although warmer than strangers, but after all, do n’t have the morality of helping each other like friends. After leaving the office, this acre of land is not their own.Run away.

  So if you don’t want to misplace or change your relationship with your colleagues, don’t borrow money from your colleagues.

  Hidden Rule 3 Chatting should also avoid the weak points of the boss. The rule tells us that “speaking about Mo is wrong”, and the hidden rule deepens it into “speaking about Mo.”Opportunity.

  MONICA, the marketing manager of the head office, came to the office for the first time to guide the work. At noon, he invited colleagues from the department to eat together. During the meeting, he talked about a deputy general manager Wang Lin who had just left the office. Linda, who joined the company recently, said that Wang Lin had a bad temper and was difficult to get along.

MONICA said yes, isn’t her stress caused by too much work?

LINDA said that I can’t see it. A woman in her thirties couldn’t marry, neither got married nor had a boyfriend. The old virgins were so psychopathic.

  Hearing this, everyone who was just struggling just now closed their mouths.

Because, in addition to LINDA, those old employees present here all know: MONICA is also the old girl among the characters!

Fortunately, a colleague reversed the topic in time to erase the embarrassment of MONICA, and LINDA who knew the truth afterwards regretted this sentence.

  Off-site reminder: If you talk too much, you must lose, but there is not necessarily no mistake. If you speak a big truth about specific personnel at the wrong place and at the wrong time, the consequences are really comparable.Blunder.  Hidden Rule 4 Don’t offend mediocre colleagues. The explicit rule tells us that hard-working colleagues deserve respect and learning, but the hidden rule broadens the extension of “effort” and “professionalism”, saying that idle colleagues cannot offend.

  Everyone who thought that foreign companies were smart and strong, who knew that Wei Ying who had passed the challenge and got the tickets to come in and see, haha!

But this is the case: the secretary at the front desk is busy working on the fashion show all day, and Xiao Zhang from the sales department comes here every night. I haven’t seen him get a list for three months, and the statistician Xiu Xiu.There is only one job: counting the lunch costs of 203 employees across the plant.


Wei Ying marveled: I did not expect to enter the E era, and there are still such idle clouds and wild cranes.

  The other day I went to the administrative department to find A Lingling stationery. Xiao Zhang accompanied Xiu Xiu to pick up the folder. In the end, there was a folder left. Wei Ying smiled and grabbed first come first served.

Xiu Xiu is not happy. She said where did you just have so many files to put?

Wei Ying was not convinced, “Do you have?

Doing a report every day is nothing, what documents do you have?

Upon hearing this, Xiu Xiu immediately stretched his face. A Ling quickly rounded the field, grabbed the folder from Wei Ying’s arms and handed it to Xiu Xiu.

  Wei Ying hummed back to her seat, and Xiao Zhang came in leisurely with a cup of tea: “What’s wrong with MEIMEI, what’s wrong?

If I tell you Xiu Xiu, her aunt gives our company 5 million yuan of business every year . “Then yawned and left.

  In the afternoon, A Ling sent Wei Ying a new folder and kept apologizing to Wei Ying. She said that she could not afford to offend Xiu Xiu. It was a red man in the eyes of the boss and did not dare to offend Xiao Zhang because heHe has extensive social relations, and many departments have to ask him for help. Moreover, people can get one or two government orders each year.

Wei Ying said that you would offend my uncle, and Aling waved her hands in shock: dare not dare, no one can afford to offend me here.

  Wei Ying listened, and couldn’t speak for a long time.

  Off-site reminder: In fact, Wei Ying will understand that the boss is not a fool, and no white-collar salary will be used for no reason. Those mediocre colleagues who seem to be idle may take the glorious task of a firefighter. At a critical moment,The boss still needs them to rush forward.

So, don’t make life difficult with them, in fact you can’t afford to offend.

  Hidden Rule 5 The spatial explicit rule for boss guidance tells us that promotion and salary increase requires hard work and real talents, but the Hidden Rule says that you must ask your boss for more work. You must give half of the credit to the boss. Do n’t bury the leader.Support and guidance.

  Human Resources Commissioner Yuan Xiaomin joined the company for 3 years. He is capable and hard working. He is serious about working and doing beautiful work. He has a good reputation. However, it is strange that although he has done a good job, he still stays on the spot and is hard to get into the clouds.
  Yes, she is capable, but her boss just doesn’t like her.


Never ignore the feelings of the boss in the subsection: Every time the boss participates in the appointment, Yuan Xiaomin is appointed to take the minutes of the meeting. After finishing sorting out, Yuan Xiaomin will never let the direct supervisor Li Hong directly turn over to the boss because the boss exaggerates her copywriting.Finishing the work; she helped other departments to do things, never asked Li Hong in advance if she had any more important work assignments, and she took it on her own, regardless of whether there would be any hidden dangers in this matter, so she gotGood reputation, Li Hong turned a bit stingy.

The department wanted to buy a projector. Li Hong asked her to make a price-price ratio, and then she was ready to buy one. Yuan Xiaomin obtained the supplier information and compared it with other parties. He ordered the product in his own name and gave Li Hong a lot of reasons, as if she was doing something.Magical fulfillment.

  After seeing another colleague raising his salary, Yuan Xiaomin sighed: Well, the boss is really blind.

  Off-site reminder: In fact, the boss is not blind at all.

Regardless of whether you admit it or not, those who perform well, never get into trouble, and do not need the boss to give pointers, may not be reused and recognized, and even the boss does not like it, because facing your perfection, the boss cannot use hisGuidance can not show his talents, and you will not be linked to the words of progress or correction. At this time, perfection is your shortcoming; it is easy for those who make big mistakes and do n’t make small mistakes and like to be close to their bosses.More opportunities, because he gives the boss room to play, so that the boss has a sense of accomplishment, and even if he is promoted in the future, he will be proudly named “I cultivated”.

Sometimes, satisfying the vanity of the boss can also be regarded as a move of the sword.

  Hidden Rule 6 The obscurity rule tells us to listen with your ears and communicate with your mouth, but the latent rule says to obey with your brain and communicate with your eyes.

  Liu Ting is a staff member of the Administration Department. He was a child when he first arrived. I do n’t know that the two senior vice presidents of the company, Xu and Wang, always face a conflict, and vice president Xu agrees, and vice versa.

The company is not large, so the administration department sometimes also performs some similar secretary work.

At that time, he wrote the year-end report analysis to the boss. Vice President Wang asked Liu Ting to make a report according to the form he designed. Two days later, Vice President Xu asked Liu Ting if there was any format, and Liu Ting gave the report to Vice President Wang Ting.He referred to this, which made Vice President Wang very uncomfortable. He didn’t say anything, but coldly called Liu Ting to let her redesign the form and re-form the report according to her own ideas.One volume, “This is intellectual property, should be kept secret.” Liu Ting was confused.

Later, after the senior experts point out, it turns out that the two presidents have been fighting for a long time. It is too big to fight for power and profit, and small enough to go out of the bus brand, it is necessary to show their personal worth.

Therefore, as their subordinates, they must have strict tone and can not offend. Vice President Xu is right, and Vice President Wang’s opinion is also correct. At this time, you not only use ears, but also brains.

  Liu Ting then knew that he had encountered something that could only be explained by words. He lamented that the company’s operation and the art of survival were extraordinary. As a subordinate, go left or right, depending on whether the judgment made by his mind is correct.Already.
  Zhao Lili was the vice cousin of Vice President Wang. When accidentally smashing a machine worth 8,000 yuan during the training for the customer, in the presence of Vice President Xu, Vice President Wang frowned sternly and said to Liu Ting:It must be investigated and fined in accordance with company regulations. It must not be perfunctory.

Liu Ting can learn this time, first looking for a company system that can be followed, and then giving a plan to the Ministry of Administration: one month bonus deduction.

The bonus is less than 1,000 yuan a month, which is certainly not as much as the 8000 yuan machine head money.

The plan implemented by Liu Ting is: those who do not intentionally damage shall be punished as appropriate, and if the circumstances are serious, they shall be compensated according to the price.

When Zhao Lili broke the nose of her head, she cried so much that she saw it raining. Everyone saw it. It cannot be said that the plot is serious, so Liu Ting suggested punishing as appropriate.

  Afterwards, Vice President Wang also questioned Liu Ting’s solution and asked whether the punishment was enough. Liu Ting reiterated the above reasons. Vice President Wang did not speak again, and waved Liu Ting away, but the followingNowadays, when talking to Liu Ting, she always looks so pleasant and makes her feel very comfortable.  Off-site reminder: Unspoken rules imply a potential culture and rules of conduct of the company, and often only old employees can understand deeply.

If this is not yet understood, you may wish to ask more senior colleagues, and keep in mind that you can neither take your boss seriously, nor take their words seriously, and it must be flexible to implement. Sometimes yourIt really needs to be confused.

  TIPS1 The necessary qualities to abide by the hidden rules1, understand the boss’s psychology and behaviors; 2, familiar with the company’s culture and operating methods; 3, know the rare and confusing scales.

  TIPS2 A few unspoken hidden rules: 1. Boss’ preferences are sometimes higher than the system; 2. Don’t talk to the boss about justice; 3. Don’t grab the boss’s limelight; 4. People who are too revealing tend to eat without food; 5, Give the boss guidance and play space; 6, a timely stubbornness is also considered a communication skill; 7, as early as possible to rely on the new boss; 8, grasp the latent rules of the scale.