“Minister Qin,Hurry up over there,We are all hungry here。”Jiang Yan said in the tone of a boss。

“I know the president,Ready soon。”Qin Feng responded。
And two helping beauties,The eyes are about to fall right now。
Where is the slow roast,Less roasted,It’s just two people roasting here,Qin Feng eats there alone,Just supplied。
It’s not that the two have little knowledge,They have seen people who like to eat barbecue,But I have never seen it so edible
of,Not long work,Qin Feng is already full of bamboo sticks。
“That one,Worked hard,Now it’s me。”Qin Feng looked awkwardly at the dumbfounded two and said。
Actually, where does Qin Feng like to eat,Except that he eats,Don’t know what to do。
Let’s not talk about women, I can’t get in,Just plug in,He doesn’t dare,It’s too late to run at this time。
And the two beauties in front of you,The skewers are really good,Although it’s a bit slow,But after all, two people provide for themselves,Still barely confessed,So Qin Feng put all his energy on eating。
I don’t know if Qin Feng’s thought was heard by the two beauties in front of me,What will it look like。
Why is it so slow?,Obviously he eats a lot by himself。
“what,Qin Feng,Why did you eat it all by yourself?No wonder it takes so long,I let you eat it。”Qin Feng just started to bake,I heard Wang Mengmeng shouting there。
“Damn,Tell not to come,Can’t she hear her without wearing her eyes??”Qin Feng cursed secretly in his heart。
“That one,Beautiful craftsmanship,So I didn’t control it all at once,A few more bites。”When Qin Feng said,Everyone has come to him。
Qin Feng naturally knew that his explanation was a bit far-fetched,So he said with an awkward smile。
Embarrassed,Qin Feng raised his head and looked at the beauties looking at him with wide eyes,As if I were a Hulk。
But the other way around,In front of two beauties,Not a single bamboo stick,And on my own side,It’s already full of rubbish for a table。