Chen Geng stopped talking,Waiting for jack·Welch continued。
“You know,I’m just a child born in an ordinary American family,In fact, our family has a chance to rise up when I am here,My father often tells me,I hope I can build a wealthy family that will not fail for hundreds of years,”Speaking of here,Jack·Welch sighed again:“But you also saw,My four children are not for business,I want to build a similar to the Rothschild family that can be passed down for hundreds of years、It’s impossible to inherit a family based on business。
Since it is impossible to build an orderly business family,Then i think,Maybe we can think of other ways?”Speaking of which,Jack·Welch shrugged:“Then I thought about it,If i go to politics,Build a political family for my children,Seems to be a good way?”
So that’s what happened!
Chen Geng finally understood Jack·Why did Welch decide to train a successor:He wants to take advantage of his youth,Have something to do in politics,Take this opportunity to build a political foundation for your children。
Just jack·Welch’s achievements in the economic and industrial fields,Once he decides to run for Congress(Members of Congress probably have little hope,But if he is going to run for a state legislator,Like the state legislator in Michigan,Have their own support,Should not be too big a problem),Then based on the state legislators,Build a local political family in more than ten years,It’s not impossible and hope。
“understood,”Chen Geng sighed:“Although it makes me feel very sorry,But since this is your chance to build your own family,I have no reason to insist on keeping you。”
“boss,Thank you。”Jack·Welch’s gratitude。
Of course he understands,What my boss said is that as long as he trains a qualified successor,He will let himself go、Will not set up any obstacles for my departure,For Jack·For Welch,This is undoubtedly the most ideal result。
“Are we still so polite between us?”Chen Geng waved his hand,Motion to Jack·Welch needn’t say these things,He is a little curious:“Jack,Do you think about where you are ready to enter politics??”
“If there is not much change,I want to run for a state legislator in a certain state,Or be invited to be a government official in a state,”Speaking of which,Jack·Welch looked at Chen Geng with piercing eyes:“of course,If a state cabinet member of a state or a cabinet member of the current U.S. government,For example, the Secretary of the Treasury or the Secretary of State intends to invite me to be his special advisor,I am also very happy。”
America is good on this,Seamless transition between politics and business,You were a businessman yesterday、Senior officials of a company,Maybe you can become a senior government official tomorrow,Simultaneously,Can also be reversed,You were a senior government official yesterday,But you turn around,You can go to a big company,Many officials in the US government are like this“Seamless switching”of。
If a senior official in the U.S. government、Even the current President Bush Sr. fell in love with Jack·Welch’s ability,Invite him to serve as Minister of Labor or other senior officials,Don’t be surprised,This is normal operation。