So-called people have their own ambitions,My childhood partnership was good,But after growing up,All have the path they want to choose。

Joining the army has always been Liu Yi’s dream,It’s also the expectation of parents,Able to enter a special force like the Iron Lion,More of his glory。
and so,Liu Yi and Fat Dun have different choices,No matter how they choose,Lu Menglin wouldn’t force anything。
“If you leave,Then I won’t stay here。Anyway, I will end the internship in half a month。You seem to have some shares in your game company?I’ll help you take care of your business!”Jiang Jinghong is also here,With a murderous smile。
Lu Menglin dare not pick up,Have to smile again and again,Holding head rat。
Early next morning,Lu Menglin and Fat Dun are preparing to leave the barracks quietly。
Logically,The procedures for the two to leave the team are not so easy to complete,So the leave procedures for the two to go first,Then let Liu Yi take care of the aftermath,Run the batch file,I believe that some people can’t afford Lu Menglin to leave the iron lion station soon,So it’s not difficult。
Two talents went to the entrance of the barracks parking lot,I heard a rush from all directions
The Iron Lion warriors all got out of the barracks,Rushed to the two like a tide。
In less than twenty seconds,Nearly a thousand iron lion fighters surrounded Lu Menglin and Fat Dun in the middle。
Headed by their good brother Liu Yi,And Zhang Qingtan、Gong Hu、Monk Miaoping,All the members of the combat team are present。
They looked at Chief Instructor Lu Menglin,Eyes full of longing and perseverance。
They long for the chief faculty member to stay,Because of his existence,Will make the iron lion stronger,With the training method and prescription of the chief instructor,Almost everyone has become stronger,Of course they will be reluctant。
“Make such a big move early in the morning,scared me!I thought we were going to be shot!”Lu Menglin smiled and said。
Liu Yi stepped forward,A standard military salute was given to Lu Menglin and Fat Dun。
Zhang Qingtan and Gong Hu are walking at the same time,Qi Shushu saluted Lu Menglin and Fat Dun。
Nearly a thousand arms present were all raised,Trance like a forest sea。
“Chief instructor,Bon Voyage!”Liu Yi shouted loudly。
“Bon Voyage!”All the iron lion fighters tore their throats,Shouting。