The memory is getting worse and worse, what should I do?

The memory is getting worse and worse, what should I do?

A normal person’s aging will lead to a decline in memory, but if you are unscientific in your daily routine, it will also cause a decline in your brain’s memory.

Causes of memory loss 1 Smoking is harmful to the human brain, leading to an increase in the age of smokers may lead to a decline in memory.

Studies have shown that smoking is one of the risk factors for dementia in the elderly.

An important cause of dementia is that blood flow in the brain is blocked, and smoking can cause vascular tension and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

2 lack of sleep chronic lack of sleep can cause brain cell death.

In a mouse-based experiment, every 4 to 5 hours of sleep caused 25 percent of brain cell death.

The study also means that the “sense” of the weekend does not repair the damage, and prolonged sleep deprivation will increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

3 sick diseases, such as neurasthenia, depression, cerebral arteriosclerosis, chronic sinusitis, etc. are common causes of memory loss.

Patients with neurasthenia often show memory loss. The fundamental reason is that they focus on dispersal, can not concentrate, and affect memory ability.

4 Excessive use of social software bundled with social software, reply to email messages, browse the web, imitate the brain constantly accepting information, but there is no buffer period to process the information.

Such an act is also one of the causes of memory loss.

Memory loss, what to eat, cabbage: supplement vitamin B, can prevent brain fatigue.

2, soybean: contains egg yolk and rich protein, eat the right amount of soy or soy products every day, can enhance memory.

3, milk: contains protein and calcium, can provide a variety of amino acids needed by the brain, can be added daily to enhance brain vitality.

4, fresh fish: rich in protein and calcium, especially containing unsaturated fatty acids, can break down cholesterol.

5, egg yolk: egg yolk contains nutrients necessary for brain cells such as egg yolk, egg calcium, etc., can enhance brain vitality.

6, fungus: contains protein, traces, diverse, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, for brain good.

7, apricot: rich in vitamins A, C, can effectively improve blood circulation, ensure that the brain is rich in blood, and help the brain enhance memory.

8, milk: it can supplement protein, calcium and essential amino acids in the brain.

Calcium in milk is most easily absorbed by the body and is an important substance that cannot be ingested by brain metabolism.

In addition, it also contains vitamin B1 and other elements that are very beneficial to nerve cells.

When you use your brain for insomnia, a cup of hot milk before going to bed can help you fall asleep.

9, eggs: brain activity function, memory strength is closely related to the acetylcholine content in the brain, and eating one or two eggs a day can supply enough choline to the body.

The experiment proves that the beauty of eating eggs is that when the rich lecithin contained in the egg yolk is decomposed by enzymes, it can produce rich acetylcholine, which will quickly reach the brain tissue and enhance memory.

Precautions for memory loss Patients with memory loss pay attention to the following points in life: 1. Adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle, and usually have regular life, study, work, diet, sleep, exercise, etc.

2, correct self-regulation, pay attention to maintain optimistic mood and positive attitude, especially in the face of stress events in life, to learn to self-decompression, to maintain human health.

3, the item is placed in a relatively fixed position, put it back in place after use, for some important things, you can take a pen record to develop a good habit.

4, patients should pay attention to eating fresh vegetables, fruits and the following foods: corn, coarse rice, whole wheat, soybeans, mung beans, garlic, mushrooms, yeast, milk, animal liver, sardines, tuna, lean meat, etc.
5, you can take a certain amount of Ginkgo biloba extract and vitamin E every day.