How come through the sky?

Three days of health

How come through the sky?
Three days of health

Three days of healthy “going to the heat” let everyone choose to “go the summer” is actually a reason.

In the summer, the outside world is the most prosperous. At this time, it is more outdoor activities. It can absorb the essence of natural yang, supplement energy, regulate blood and maintain yang.

However, the weather is hot, many people are not at home, but this is not good for the body.

People’s health should adapt to the laws of nature, sweating when sweating, because sweating can not only remove toxins from the body, but also regulate body temperature.

But we can’t do a sport because of sweating, sweating at high temperatures is easy to lose yang, and it is easy to heatstroke, so the general exercise reduction is appropriate.

Under the trade-off, the slow movement to walk is the best choice.

In addition to using the usual time to walk in the morning and evening, part of course is the best summer choice.

In the mountains, the clouds are hazy, the smoke is filled, the springs are flowing, the trees are lush, and the green leaves are unobstructed. Walking through the cool canyons, the original ecological green mountains and green waters, the original style flutters.

Ascending the mountain, the view is spectacular, the green is full, and you take a deep breath, as if you touched the whole forest, it is cool!

There is a flaw in “going to the heat”. You must adhere to the three principles.

Do not be anxious: the most physical exercise at a constant speed, and help to maintain a good state of mind, the most tiring way to walk for a while; and walking at a constant speed allows you to go longer, usually 40 minutes, 2?
3 km is the most suitable.

Don’t go soft and don’t go soft: Don’t walk on river beaches, wetlands and grassland because of the coolness and comfort, so that you don’t walk well on hard ground and it is not safe.

Moreover, walking on hard ground such as cement, asphalt, slate, etc. is more labor-saving than walking on soft ground such as grassland, river beach, and wet land.

Steps do not go downhill: summer vacation, many people will choose to go hiking in the wild, this time when going up and down the mountain try to take the stone steps, less to the slopes of the mountain, which is more in line with the mechanical and physiological requirements, safe and labor-saving.

Of course, the most important thing to take care of is to replenish water.

It is necessary to have a bottle of homemade light salt water for you to add some energy.