Mixed sports shape

Mixed sports shape

First, the running mix exercise even runs on the same runway every day, but the body has not changed?

Welcome to the health track!

Break the habit, mix exercises with running, fitness, and yoga to change your metabolism.

The thighs are kept for 30 seconds, push-ups for 15 seconds, and then a 3-minute push-up.

Repeat the exercise to exercise the torso, stretch the ligaments, merge the calves, and the achilles tendon and hip flexors.

When doing this, imagine a sprinter starting position.
Then carry out a 20-meter sprint!


Use street lights or trees to distance.

Choose a street light other than 100 yards to push the tired legs and watch the target step by step.


If you feel that the boring run is too outdated, try this: run to a tree and then go to the next one; then jump sideways for 30 seconds; go backwards between the street lights.


The driving instructor once said that it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the two cars in the first place.

Pay attention to the same problem in the air, just replace the vehicle with a runner (unless you want to hit them).

Don’t look at your feet!

Your new shoes are cool, but an accident will occur in the eyes.

  Second, the fitness mixing practice breaks the routine, enhance your cardiovascular function by the following three parts: 10 minutes on the exercise bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical machine, and 10 minutes on the rowing machine to stimulate the muscles in different ways.

Repeat the above process.

Monitor your heart rate and keep your heart rate at 70?

°80 Change regular routine tiredness fatigue and challenge your muscles in different ways.


In the cycle exercise, it is necessary to carry out contraction activities and replenish water to prevent strain and dehydration.


Although the effect is tempting, don’t focus on aerobic exercises every day, change routines, and have strength training for positive recovery.

Challenge yourself by increasing your weight!

The more active your muscle tissue, the more transformation you burn.


Fasten the laces, and the lateral and forward movements require strong toe support.