Three characteristics of love

Three characteristics of love


Is love giving love a feeling or a verb?

  I think mainly verbs are giving.

  At the beginning of the encounter, the two people either have a good impression on each other, or one party has a good opinion on the other.

  Then began to develop and became a state of love.

  Actually, I think love is a verb, it is giving.

  Because it’s giving, it’s not about losing. Unless you’re asking, it’s not about losing.


Love is pleasure, not pain. I found strangely, including my own experience, that love was so painful.

  I think this is wrong.

  Love should be pleasant, joyful and positive.

  If two people love each other so painfully, there must be any reason why “love” cannot be resolved. It may be material pursuits and obstacles, or spiritual infidelity or discord.

  Since it ca n’t be solved, so much pain, let it go, this is not love, this is torture.


Love should be loyal, not betrayed. Don’t say you fall in love with another person, don’t say you can fall in love with several people at the same time.

  Don’t think that your boyfriend is not as good as another person, and don’t think that your girlfriend is not as beautiful as another girl.

If you think so, you have betrayed, betrayal must bear the responsibility of responsibility, and advise you not to hurt the other party when you leave, otherwise there will be retribution and no one can escape.

  Specifically, I hope that our netizens can have such a love, she / he makes you fall asleep happily, and hopes that the sun tomorrow will rise, she / he is the most important part of your heart, watching her / he,You will think that for you, she / he is important enough. If she / he is lost in life, how painful it is, and how happy it is to have her / he.

  Walking on a complicated road, you always pay attention to whether she / he is in your field of vision. You will worry about her / his safety. In the middle of the night, watching her / his breathing face, you ca n’t help but kiss herI hope she / he is healthy and happy.