What should I pay attention to in sinusitis?

What should I pay attention to in sinusitis?

Gastric sinusitis is a chronic disease that is often seen in clinical practice. It occurs in men over 30 years old, but people with antral sinusitis have a high incidence in all age groups. Even many teenagers suffer from it.Antral.

The appearance of antral sinusitis is related to the bad eating habits in daily life, and it is necessary to pay more attention to this aspect of antral sinusitis.

So what should you pay attention to in sinusitis?

Precautions for antral sinusitis Patients with antral sinusitis should pay attention to the following contraindications: 1, should not eat too hard too spicy, too salty, too much, too rough and irritating food.

The diet is regular and regular, regular quantitative, eat less meals, chew slowly, so that the food is fully mixed with saliva, avoid overeating.

Food should be based on nutritious, digestible soft foods, and eat foods containing plant protein and vitamins.

2, avoid alcohol and tobacco, after smoking, nicotine can stimulate the gastric mucosa caused by increased gastric acid secretion, harmful stimulation of the gastric mucosa, excessive smoking leads to pyloric split open musculoskeletal function, causing reflux of gallbladder, causing gastric mucosaLoss, and affect the blood supply of the gastric mucosa and the repair and regeneration of gastric mucosal cells, so stop smoking.

Alcohol can directly destroy the gastric mucosal barrier, causing H + invading the gastric mucosa in the stomach cavity to cause mucosal congestion, edema, erosion.

3, the lack of stomach acid, avoid dilute gastric juice, diet should be added vinegar, lemon juice, acidic seasonings, eat less difficult to digest, easy to swell food, eat less and drink less after meals.

4, people with too much acid should avoid eating foods that stimulate gastric acid secretion, such as flavors, alcohol, sour agents.

5, should avoid aspirin, acetaminophen, phenylbutazone, bismuth nitrate drugs, tetracycline, erythromycin, prednisone and other drugs, especially active period of chronic gastritis.

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