Perfect product,Never existed!

Mobile phone to be delivered to consumers,Need a process!
Now the domestic express industry has just emerged for two or three years,There are still big flaws and deficiencies in the circulation network and capacity!
I am already considering whether to establish my own express logistics network,This is a relatively large project。
Want to be more complete and thoughtful,Need a process!
More than eight o’clock that evening,The first user’s feedback appeared on。
Five-star praise,Praised!
There will be more and more comments,Appeared online!
Basically five-star reviews,Only a few are four stars,Samsung’s almost invisible!
Overall it is four and a half stars,Much better than the four stars I expected!
I’m relieved,The first pass was officially successful!
We have confirmed the time for the second online sale,Just a month later!
This time it is still 100,000 units,I don’t know what the sales volume will be this time。
As expected in my mind,The next Internet speed should be within 36 hours,All sold out!
If you can achieve this effect,Our nut shell phone can already be said to be a successful product!
On the way home from get off work,I got a call。
There will be a classmate meeting in three days,Held in Beijing,Hope i can participate。
I can only say it depends on the situation,After all, there are many things to deal with every day,Then you may not have time to participate!
Something unsure,I won’t pack a ticket。