Only then did the fallen disciples understand why Qin Feng had to run out,It turned out that when Qin Feng entered the negotiation, he was only holding a pistol in his hand.。Although not once because there are no bullets,But now they chased it out and wanted to ask why it was too late。

There was no hesitation when the opponent shot,There is no such thing as compassion。It’s as if the people standing opposite him are enemies of life and death,There is a wave of frustration。
There were originally dozens of people who chased Qin Feng,Most of them are land-level combat power。When Qin Feng shot,Some personnel felt something was wrong and moved back。However, Qin Feng didn’t give them a chance to escape, so he fell all down.。
After solving this group of people,Qin Feng carried two submachine guns into the medicine home again,In fact,The black guard that Qin Feng saw was completely black because of his clothes.,Recognition is quite high。
Because Heiyiwei and Yao Changsheng are fighting together,So Qin Feng must not be able to shoot。But it’s not difficult to shoot at this time。

Qin Feng points one by one,Anyway, there are only dozens of people in this black guard,Although looking at the strength,But not many of them noticed Qin Feng’s side at all。
Only after shooting a few people,Heiyiwei also reacted。
“Set up a team to intercept the young man。”
“A team follow me!”
Heiyiwei made an emergency response,It’s just that Qin Feng doesn’t have any pressure at all.。
“The black guards are all over there,Leave the heavenly powerhouse and me to besiege Yao Changsheng!”Yaotong shouted。