Pay attention to the four major issues in the Spring Festival health life

Pay attention to the four major issues in the Spring Festival health life

In the Spring Festival, we should pay attention to the four major issues.

For office workers, the Spring Festival holiday is a very rare opportunity to rest, and it is also the best time for both husband and wife to be close.

Chinese medicine believes that the Spring Festival home to go to the boat, eat, drink, and play, indulge in pleasure, not suitable for too much sex life.

Excessive libido can hurt the spirit and even cause sexual dysfunction.

The following small series gives you a detailed introduction to the matters that need to be paid attention to in the sexual life of the Spring Festival, so that you can be healthy and healthy!

  1, sexual life can not be indulged in many local health literature highlights the sexual life is not indulgent.

For example, the “Three-Yuan Counselor Yanshou Book” cloud: “There are many damages, and people can be treasured, but unfortunately.”

Can be heavy.

The liver is not solid, dazzling and dull; the lungs are not full, the muscles are thin; the kidneys are not solid, the spirit is reduced; the spleen is not strong, and the teeth are floating.

If the dissipating is really good, the disease will follow, and death will follow.”

Point out the dangers of excessive sexual indulgence on the body and the organs.

The book also pointed out: “The way of yin and yang, semen is empty, but rather, the day after tomorrow is not old.”

It is considered that maintenance of vitality is one of the important measures for prolonging life.

Both husband and wife should not cross the house during the Spring Festival holiday.

  2, Sex life should not be too early in ancient times, the ancient thinker, the educator Confucius once said: “When it is small, the blood is not fixed, the ring is in color.”

According to “Su asked?

The ancient naive theory replaces the physiological process of human growth and development and the important role of the kidney. When the man reaches the age of eight, the kidney gas begins to be enriched. At the age of sixteen, the kidney is vigorous, and the kidney essence is used as the material basis to promote the production of the genital function of the reproductive function.The spirit is full and can be leaked, and the two sexes can breed children.

However, when you rely on bloody life, and sexual intercourse is too early, even sexual life is infinite, it will damage fine and qi.

Like the flowers in the garden, the early hair must first wither.

Therefore, in the “Wanshi Family Health Care Four Essentials”, it is pointed out: “The man of today, the party is also young, not the twenty-eighth and the royal woman, to pass the fine, but the first is lost, the five internal organs are dissatisfied., he has a difficult shape of the disease, and pointed out that “the lack of kidney essence, it is taken to the viscera, the essence of the viscera is insufficient, taken to the tiny, so the exhaustion of the organs, the urinary pain, the stool dry, the marrowExhausted, the head is soft and the back is sore.

.it can be long.”

Explain that sexual intercourse is too early, it will affect the growth and development of other organs, and even various diseases.

  3, sexual life is inexhaustible life is the normal nature of human beings, normal sexual life, can make men and women happy, yin and yang reconciliation, good for human health.

“Zunsheng gossip” cloud: “The Yellow Emperor’s yin and yang are the words, the yin and the yang are the disease, the yin and yang are not, if the spring is not autumn, if the winter is not summer, so it is the degree of harmony.

The way to perfection, but to be closed to keep the innocence.

That is to say, sexual life between men and women is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Single life (that is, partial yin and yang) leads to bad emotions and even various diseases.

The road to good health is not that men and women do not pay arrogance, but that they are not excessive, so as not to vent their temper, to keep their innocence.

So we can marry this spring holiday, you can have a temperate love!

  4, sexual life to improve the taboos the ancients believe that drunk, angry, over him, fear, gold sores, new diseases, etc. after entering the house, can hurt the body, and even cause various diseases, must be preventive.

For example, “Three-Yuan Counselor Yanshou Book” 曰: “Drunk into the house, exhausted liver injury, husband is less spleen, Yang can not afford, women are dying, blood is overflowing, life is sore”, “satisfaction”Through the room, straining blood, overflowing into the large intestine, when the blood in the stool, abdominal pain, the name of the disease is hidden”, “the anger in the anger to exhaust the sexual intercourse, the exhaustion of the sacral bones; fear into the house, yin and yang, sputumSweat, night sweats, accumulation of labor, “farming tired into the house, for the five labors to lose weight”, “gold sore is not bad and rendezvous, moving in the blood, gold sore corruption”, “bearing urinating into the house, get diarrhea, pain in the stemThe face loses blood, or causes the cell to turn, and the umbilical cord is dying.”

“Treatise on Febrile Diseases” also pointed out: “The disease is new and bad, the blood is not recovered, the heat is not exhausted, the yin and yang are strengthened, and the name of the patient is yin and yang.”

Some of the above records are still practical.

There are more dinners in the Spring Festival, and it is reasonable for men to drink too much, but remember that it is not appropriate to have sex after drinking.

  The above is a small series for you to introduce in detail the Spring Festival sexual life needs to pay attention to, warm tips, sexual life is a substitute for our Spring Festival holiday, we also need to pay attention to the Spring Festival diet, so as to avoid indigestion.