Fitness and fattening method suitable for thin people

Fitness and fattening method suitable for thin people

The topic that many thin friends care about is nothing more than how thin people exercise.

The thin person is characterized by thin body, overlapping limbs, cheekbones, slender bones, muscle weakness, and pale skin.

Even with a chest back, walk and shake.

There are many reasons for the body shape, some are related to heredity, some are metabolic problems; some are affected by natural and social environment, such as lack of regularity in life, insufficient nutrition or long-term depression.

  The common points of thin people are: First, the body’s traces and water are reduced; Second, the physical quality is poor, especially the strength is weak.

  In response to these characteristics and deficiencies, specific thin people should be trained from the following three aspects: First, lay a good foundation, comprehensively improve physical fitness, especially muscle endurance exercise, in order to adapt the body.

  When you first practice, you can practice once every other day, every hour or so.

Each exercise plans 5-6 actions, each action is done 3-4 groups, each group practice 10-15 times or slightly more.

Note that the weight of each exercise should not be too heavy, and more medium and small weight should be used.

After three to six months of exercise, gradually increase the amount of exercise.

  Second, we must focus on targeted training.

  After the adjusted adaptive exercise, the next step is to focus on exercising your large muscle groups, such as the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, deltoid muscle, biceps, quadriceps and so on.

You can take a two-day break and practice 4-5 times a week. Each half hour can arrange 7-9 movements each time, 4-5 groups for each movement, and 8-12 times for each group.

During practice, the weight should be increased in a planned manner. Large and medium weight exercises should be used, and the strength and density should be expanded.

  Third, enhance confidence, step by step, persevere.

  If you want to make your skinny body into a body shape, it will not work in a few days or months. It must be scientific, systematic, and painstaking exercise, plus reasonable food and adequate rest.

Three days of fishing for two days, the lack of systemic; eager to seek, blindly increase weight and exercise, it is lack of science, and even cause injuries.

After the exercise, I found that the effect was not obvious, I suspected that I couldn’t practice it, so I lost my confidence and died halfway. The result can only be abandoned.

  It is important to know that changes in human physiology and biochemistry have a slow process and vary from person to person.

  Through the above tips, do you already know how thin people exercise?

In fact, as long as scientific training, not afraid of hardship, and perseverance, you will certainly get the ideal body shape.