Physical and mental sexual restraint

Physical and mental sexual restraint

Imagining the imagination of fun and emotion can enhance the sexual excitement of both sides.

  In the process of sexual life, the husband can imagine his wife as a passionate and bold woman, and the wife can imagine her husband as an idol of love. Both sides do not have to worry about feeling inside, which can enhance each other’s sexual desire.

  But don’t tell your spouse the secret of your own fantasy, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

  Expressing the perception that both husband and wife should have true sexual gratification, they should always exchange their feelings in sexual life and promote mutual understanding, so as to satisfactorily solve the mutual problem of sexual desire between husband and wife and coordinate each other’s orgasm, so thatCan make sex life perfect.

  Renewing the couple who have been married for many years, sometimes feel that sex life has a monotonous, dull feeling, and gradually produce boredom, which is a taboo for married life.

  At this time, both husband and wife should boldly try to make love at different times and in different places to enhance the romantic color.

  Avoiding anger and occasional quarrel between husband and wife does not mean that the relationship between husband and wife is already very bad, but if you ask for love when your anger is not over, the result must be self-seeking, and it is best to temporarily stop your sexual life.

  Once the conflict subsides, the two sides will understand and supplement the spouse’s embrace to become the sweetest sexual satisfaction.

  Actively create some of the couples, sometimes they do not feel sexual desire, but should also be the needs of the spouse, do not hinder the initiative to try, maybe you will also quickly produce sexual desire.

  Desalination failure Both husband and wife should strive to overcome sexual concerns and sexual failure. If sex is seen as a kind of enjoyment or an adventure, it is easy to make the spouse reach orgasm, and also reduce the fear of sexual life failure.

  Ask an expert Most couples will have temporary sexual life failures, which may be related to the same physical causes (fatigue, infection, acute illness, etc.) and certain mental factors (mental stress, depression, work or family problems).

  These phenomena can generally disappear within a few weeks. If the problem persists for several months without improvement, then experienced experts should be consulted in time to ensure that the couple’s sexual life is improved.

  It is unrealistic to face up to reality and demand that every sexual life is perfect.

  On the contrary, if you can face the reality, that is, sex life can not succeed twice, sometimes even completely, knowing that you are a person, not a machine.