This is the worst time to get pregnant!

Do health experts have to live longer?

This is the worst time to get pregnant!
Do health experts have to live longer?

Recently, an article called “The famous health expert died of illness, at the age of 59” was screened. This incident combined with a professor’s comment that “every longevity people do not exercise” has triggered a wide discussion about “exercise health and longevity.”

May the “dead person rest in peace” is the minimum of life, referred to as “famous health expert” Mr. Mei Mosheng, the real profession is “painter”, his title is “Chinese National Academy of Painting, national first-class artdivision”.

However, Mr. Mei is widely known, not because of his outstanding paintings and paintings, but after June 14, 2019, when he died of intestinal cancer, he was 59 years old.

Wishing “the rest of the dead” is our minimum attention to life, but it is easy to understand that Mr. Mei did not receive such attention. He was used by some people as a case to prove the statement that “health is not beneficial and longevity.”

Also known as Mr. Mei, there is also 41-year-old aerobics coach Ma Hua, who died of leukemia, 39-year-old Zhang Shengyu, chairman of Tongrentang, who died of illness, and even Qin Shihuang, who is 49 years old and keen to find the law of immortality.

Their premature death and their careers and hobbies related to health and well-being have become the cause of ridicule.

This also reflects a deformed mindset – those who are healthy must live long, otherwise they become a joke.

This is like asking a doctor not to be sick, full of moral kidnapping.

And between health and longevity, between medicine and health, is there a simple “” relationship?

With a little bit of brainstorming, you will understand how ignorant and ridiculous you can think of.

Moreover, the practice of using the deceased as a case is “smart” because they have been unable to speak and make any rebuttals for themselves. They can only accept the public opinion in silence, even if it is unknown, even if it is distorted.

Recently, two deaths were screened on the Internet. One was a 27-year-old girl, Zhang Yingying, who was missing in the United States. After two years, the suspect finally admitted the murder. One was when the 5-year-old boy from Shenzhen passed by the residential building and was dropped.The window smashed and died.

If Zhang Yingying’s murder is a wake-up call for all simple and kind girls, the accidental death of a 5-year-old boy is enough to make the hazard of falling objects high; the death of Mr. Mei’s illness is not to prove that “health is useless”.”s”.

Mr. Mei is good at cross-border. In addition to his place in the painting and calligraphy world, he also has poets, scholars, and Tai Chi. He is the deputy secretary general of the World Forum on Chinese Medicine, the seventh section of Chinese Wushu, and the standing of the Beijing Wu Style Taijiquan Research Association.Vice president”.

Undoubtedly, no matter which industry Mr. Mei is involved in, his death is a big loss.

I believe that in the whistling whirlpool that has been plagued by public opinion in recent days, there must be mixed sorrows and sorrows. They come from Mr. Mei’s relatives, friends and colleagues.

Their voices suddenly weakened in public opinion, but they are the people who know Mr. Mei best, and the one who is most sad after Mr. Mei’s departure.

After that, if you can’t return it to justice, please at least be quiet.

Unable to decide whether to live or die, how do we control the relationship between life and death According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, the population of the population was 15.23 million and the death toll was 9.93 million.

That is, every 2.

1 second has a newborn, every 3.

2 seconds someone died personally.

Every moment, people are born, some people die. In the face of these data, in addition to feeling the speed of life circulation, we can not perceive the life behind each number, and what kind of story they have.

In the end, we will become these numbers ourselves and become one of the thousands of lost lives. What we need to ponder is that before we become a number, we should really live a life, this is alive.The ultimate meaning.

A fan once said to us, “I don’t expect to live for a long time. I just want to try to be better for myself, to make myself alive and live better.”

“And I have 70-year-old parents, one insists on going out for a workout every morning, one insists on doing acupuncture points and meridian massage every day, and actively participates in physical examinations, and is not trying to live a long life.”

They just have a particularly simple and simple purpose – to stay healthy, not to fall ill, children to work so busy, in case we fall ill, will put a burden on their work and life.

To be honest, I am particularly grateful to parents for their positive attitude towards life, their own pursuit of a breakthrough quality of life, while maintaining the quality of life of their children.

For modern families, the greatest love for parents is to take good care of their bodies.

Among my relatives, there are people who have been unable to go out because of their mobility, and who have died in the hospital for several years. Every time their parents visit, they come back to talk about the consequences of exercise and health, and bluntly say the most painful thing in the world.There is no quality to live.

And those who ridicule health but can’t live longer, what is the purpose.

Do they want to smear health, or do they misunderstand the concept of health?

What is the definition of “health” in Baidu Encyclopedia is the medical activity that the Taoist family used to support life, enhance physical fitness and prevent disease, thus achieving longevity.

The modern meaning of “health” refers to the active physical and mental conservation activities based on the laws of human life.

In this way, the real health care is based on understanding the physical condition of the body, how to conform to the laws of nature, and not to violate the normal physiological and psychological rhythms of the human body, to actively maintain their bodies and go to a healthier

Some people’s health is verbal, and they can’t be one and the same, but they are a kind of performance art. Some people’s health is actually “pseudo-health”, which uses the way of hurting the body;The requirement for health care is that you must live a long life.”Healthy” like this is not a real health, so it is not within the scope of the discussion here.

Why should we maintain health from the interpretation of the term “health”, it can be clearly ground, ancient health, the purpose is “longevity”, and modern health is the active maintenance of your body.

To put it bluntly, modern health care has faded away from the pursuit of longevity, but to achieve the goal of “love yourself and nourish yourself.”

Raising is a process of knowing oneself and finding your own way of life.

Each of us has our own love and fear, and for those who are diligent in health, the one who loves is not afraid of death, but is afraid of not living well.

This fully reflects the attitude of being responsible for your own life.

What kind of people need to maintain health “beginning to maintain health after 90” seems to be a topic of eyeballs, but when you think about it, you can say something about it. After that, young people are gradually becoming the main force of health.

Since then, health is no longer a patent for the elderly and patients, has become a lifestyle that is popular among the whole people?

So, there is a netizen, the comments are very objective: the rise of health care is the forced life of this generation.

The fast pace of life, sub-health, material richness, and low self-control of human nature all make young diseases younger.

I often eat Haisai, the pressure is big, the dysmenorrhea at the young age, and the often insomnia, do we need to maintain health, is there no point in my heart?

What health can give us health does not mean that we will not get sick and die, but health can increase our quality of life and longevity.

If everyone’s life is a big show in which the competition sets the starting point and the end point, health can help us to walk through this life show with a positive attitude and a free and easy attitude.

Suffering from cancer, through comprehensive health conditioning, Song Meiling, who eventually lived to 106 years old, has repeated many times: “The life and death of a person, self-contained, and whether the body is healthy or not, is more related to whether the eating habits are reasonable.

“Health is a slow effort. It can’t immediately make us younger. It can’t immediately cure our disease, but it can give us more capital to fight against the attacks of the years and to fight the disease.”

Health care does not necessarily represent a solid commitment, but also a choice to respect life. It is a positive attitude and direction, and it is our care and achievement for ourselves.

The ultimate value of health I know a couple of 80-year-old couples, they are all retired from Kochi, can say that life is good, but they are usually thrifty.

When asked why they were so cheap, their answer was, “The money will be used for hospitalization in the future.

“This answer is really amazing big glasses.

They know that at their own age, there will be days when they will hang around in the hospital.

But the way they choose to cope is to suffocate enough money to go to the hospital instead of “actively maintaining physical care”.

However, in the hospital ward, even the living state of the tube, there is really no quality at all.

Some people say that hospitals are places without dignity, but each of us continues to experience life and death in hospitals.

Before we enter the hospital, we can do our daily health management and control our own quality of life. This is the most positive effect that health brings to us in this life.

Those who love to maintain health are just a group of people who even live to 80 years old. They still persist in their requirements for quality of life. They still refuse to easily hand over their health management rights to the hospital; they still maintain a self-respecting attitude and swagger.A lovely and respectable person who walks decently towards the end of life!