Is there any contraindication to the gastroenteritis diet?

Is there any contraindication to the gastroenteritis diet?

In modern society, whether it is office workers or student families, because of work, study or other reasons, it is not good to eat, and there are few problems in the stomach, such as gastroenteritis, which is a problem of wasting many people.

For patients with gastrointestinal problems, daily diet conditioning is particularly important.

So what are the contraindications to the gastroenteritis diet?

Let’s get to know each other.

Dietary contraindications for gastroenteritis, avoid cold food, stomach, like warm food, cold food, stomach injury, liver injury, spleen.

Because these foods will cause contraction of gastrointestinal ulcers after the stomach, and stimulate the fragile gastric mucosa, it may also cause diarrhea and digestive tract related diseases.

2, avoid spicy food spicy food gastroenteritis patients should eat less, because they are the deadly killer of the gastric mucosa.

Although spicy foods can be appetizing, after they enter the digestive tract, the pyranin in the food transforms the inner wall of the stomach with strong irritation, which may cause diseases such as gastroenteritis and gastric ulcer.

3, avoid fried food gastroenteritis patients’ diet taboos also include fried foods, although the fried foods are very delicious, but they are often rich in a lot of oil.

In order to digest these oils, the body will consciously secrete a large amount of stomach acid.

If your gastrointestinal function is not strong, it will put too much burden on the stomach.

In fact, in addition to fried foods, dumplings, moon cakes and other non-digestible foods, it is not suitable for eating.

4, bogey bread just baked out of the bread due to high temperature, the yeast is still playing a role.

Eating at this time will increase the secretion of gastric acid and cause damage to the stomach. If you eat it for a long time, it will cause stomach problems.

5, avoid fresh dates and kiwi in addition to the above food, there are two kinds of fruit gastroenteritis patients also need to pay attention to, one is fresh dates, one is kiwi.

Because the jujube has a high content of precipitated fiber, and most of the supplemental fiber is present in the jujube of jujube, the jujube is thin and hard, and the edge is very sharp. Too much at one time will stimulate the stomach.

If the gastric mucosa is just like arthritis or ulceration, it will aggravate the pain and discomfort.

Although kiwifruit has a very high vitamin C content, a large amount of vitamin C and pectin components may increase stomach acid, increase the burden on the stomach, cause abdominal pain, pantothenic acid, heartburn and other symptoms, and the symptoms will be aggravated when the weather is cold.

Moreover, kiwifruit is cold, and it is easy to get hurt by the stomach when eating too much, which may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.