Chongqing Beibei Jindu Emotional Mechanism With Heart Guardian Students Mental Health

  Xinhuanet Chongqing November 18th (Liu Li) has continued to strengthen the construction of mental health teachers in the Beibei District, and pay attention to the psychological status of adolescents from the source.

Up to now, the psychological counseling room covers nearly 70 primary and secondary primary and secondary schools in the region, escorts youth healthy growth. Create a team team, enhance the professionalism of psychological teachers, in the city of Beibei District, take the lead in establishing a mental health education teacher studio, by mentally healthy education and researcher as the host, choosing the mental health teachers with research ability, conducting learning exchanges, leading demonstration, academics Studies and teachers’ training, etc. "We release the child’s learning pressure and interpersonal pressure to avoid them to learn to escape. In the face of adolescent emotional emotions, we take individual consultation to conduct correct guidance, patience Dredger their emotional confusion, avoid depression, anxiety. "Xie Yulan, a mental health education, and Xie Yulan, a psychological health education.

  At present, the Mental Health Education Work Team, which has formed a specialization, high professional level, has established a professor of psychological experts, and a teacher and some key teachers, a professor and some backbone teachers, a professor and some backbone teachers. Education Guidance Center and Mental Health Education Special Committee provide a high-level intellectual support and practice guidance for the team.

  Improve the mechanism of education, enhance mental healthy immunity, relying on the school’s cooperation, Beibei District and Southwest University Psychology Department jointly established the "CR" mental health teacher training system, regularly carry out special part-time mental health teachers training, held a senior training every two years Class training.

After training, more than 100 teachers in Beibei District have won national second- and third-level psychological counselor qualification certificates, and more than 1,000 teachers have received mental health C-class certificates. In order to escort the healthy growth of adolescents, the Beiyi District in accordance with the "Six" standards in various primary and secondary school construction in the whole district, and nearly 70 primary and secondary schools in the region have a psychological counseling room. In 2020, the Beibei District putted 700,000 yuan to build the "Beibei District Psychological Health Education Service Cloud Platform", to establish a mental health file for all teachers and students, monitor the mental health state of students above the third grade of primary schools, providing regional provision of education and management Analysis of the Status Quo of Students, School Mental Health and Education.

  Next, the Beibei District Education Commission will continue to strengthen the students’ mental health education while promoting the "Double Reduction" work, and actively carry out the "five education integration" mental health education activities in promoting the comprehensive development of morality. At the same time, increase the cooperation with the health health department, establish a student’s psychological crisis referral "green channel", multi-channel promotion of high quality development of primary and secondary school mental health education in Beibei District.