Yang Mi Chen Weiting collaborates again on the poster of the TV series Mrs. Dendrobium

Yang Mi Chen Weiting collaborates again on the poster of the TV series “Mrs. Dendrobium”
Sauna Night News On May 8, the TV series “Mrs. Dendrobium” announced the starring lineup on the official Weibo and released a “floating” version of the single character poster.The play is starring Yang Mi and Chen Weiting, starring Xu Kaicheng, Chen Xiaoyu, Wang Sen and Yuan Yuxuan.Earlier, Yang Mi and Chen Weiting starred in the 2014 premiere TV series “Gu Jian Qi Tan”.In the play, Yang Mi plays the legendary woman “Mrs. Dendrobium” who insists on peace and true love in the complicated power struggle.Yang Mi once confessed at the Tencent Video V Vision Conference in November 2018 that the coolest part of this drama is the role of a woman posing as a man.Different things, this is what I like her very much.”>>> Yang Mi’s” Mrs. Dendrobium “claims to be abusive and cool as men’s clothing.” Mrs. Dendrobium “is adapted from Xiao Ruther’s novel of the same name.Among the dynasty courts and harems, the three of Emperor Xu, the eunuch Zhuheqi, and Qiqihai, faced the complicated struggle of power, firmly guarded the story of peace, and the love story between the three was entangled but moving.It is reported that “Mrs. Dendrobium” will be broadcasted exclusively on Tencent Video. The specific start date has not yet been announced.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading He Yan