These stupid people,I thought I could stop them with this little trick,But Xiao Fan didn’t walk over directly,But looked around,He found that many people around were no longer there。

Maybe it was because of the persecution of these bad guys that I had to leave,Or have been killed。Xiao Fan couldn’t help frowning,Thinking that everyone has their own children,Parents have to suffer this kind of destruction,It’s really inhumane。
Xiao Fan wanted to let them see what is the real law of heaven,What is true fairness,Let these people get the punishment they deserve。
Xiao Fan drove the car to a small intersection in this place,Xiao Fan’s car is eye-catching,A lot of people came around as soon as it stopped,I want to see what big man this is。
Xiao Fan didn’t get out of the car immediately,But slowly looked at some documents in the car,He is waiting for those people to show up by themselves,But Xiao Fan felt that they didn’t have the guts to come out。
Xiao Fan thought, wait,Once they have no brains to come up with it,And they shouldn’t have thought that Xiao Fan would come by himself,Thinking about that, Xiao Fan looked at the files in the car leisurely。
And Xiao Fan’s car is modified to be very comfortable,I don’t feel tired at all reading documents,And coffee,Although Xiao Fan doesn’t like these luxurious things very much,But he has high demands on his life。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Two Catch it all
Sometimes I don’t allow any flaws in my life,This is why he always puts all the top things in the world in his bag。
Xiao Fan pursues perfection,Whether it’s intellectual or military,Xiao Fan will always take the first place1name,This is not a competitive spirit,It’s the seriousness in Xiao Fan’s bones。
It’s getting dark,After watching for a while, everyone couldn’t see the movement in the car,Because Xiao Fan’s car is two-way glass,The inside can clearly see the outside,But the outside cannot see the inside。
Everyone looked at the car for a while,Dare not come up and touch,I’m afraid of being damaged by others,To lose a lot of money,After watching it, it spreads out,Only some children are still around slowly looking at this car they have never seen before,Superb sports car。
They have no concept of cars,I just think it must be expensive if this car is so beautiful,And you can’t see anything in the car,Can’t help but be curious,I want to wait here for the people in the car to get off。
But before I waited, I heard a child yelling“Here comes the bad guy,The bad guy is coming。”The other children were shocked and ran to their homes。
Xiao Fan heard it a long time ago。Xiao Fan’s hearing is very good,It can be said to be a smooth wind,No one knows about his extraordinary。
Xiao Fan has many special skills,For example, perspective,Teleport,Xiao Fan himself has a lot of special colors,This is why he is different from ordinary people now。
But Xiao Fan still lives an ordinary life,It’s just a lot more high-end than them,More stylish than they seem,Many of these abilities that Xiao Fan possessed don’t think there are。