At this time, the on-site staff came over,Tell Qiao Tianyu to be“specially”Arrange to a staff seat far away from the oval table。

Qiao Tianyu feels a little unhappy,I didn’t expect to be invited to the seminar,Jinglian“Serve”No chance。
“Who arranged it specially?”Qiao Tianyu asked.
First0116chapter Deceive too much
“Oh,Comrade Sergey!”
The staff pointed at Jordaan who had just entered the venue,And at this time Jordaan also discovered Qiao Tianyu。
“Ouch hello,Isn’t this my dear nephew,What do you think of the seat arranged by your second uncle??”
Giordaan has a face like a villain,Said with a high-pitched yin and yang。
“He is Comrade Sergey’s nephew?”
“I heard that he is a scam!”
“No wonder Comrade Sergey didn’t see him yesterday!”
“Yesterday was really a shame,The rubbish actually knelt under the crowd all day!”
“Yankee Get Out!”
Jordaan just finished speaking,All reformers present“expert”They cast contemptuous glances at Qiao Tianyu。
Facing everyone’s rumors,Qiao Tianyu doesn’t want to curse in public like a shrew,So I curled my lips,Turn around and walk to the staff seat。