Clever heat and heat, moisturize and fluidize! Recommended melon lentils pork spine

Recommended: Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Main Efficacy: Qinghe Hot Summer, Runar Dining Survey Recommendation: Suitable for Summer Queen, Intatischers, Dryed People Material: Winter Melon 500g, Lentil 30g, Pork Spond 500g, Ginger 3 ~ 5 pieces (3 people) Cooking method: Pork spondium is washed with water, and the melon is washed and cut (do not peeled), and the lentil is washed.

Put the pig bones and lentils into the soup, add 2000ml, boil the fire, turn the small fire, slowly cook about it.

Add menues and cook for an hour.

Add salt seasoning.

Tang Tu Review: The word "of the summer" is the meaning of the end, "the summer" means that the heat is over. However, this does not mean that the weather is going down, and the southern region is still very hot.

However, after all, the end of the summer indicates the arrival of autumn, so the heat of the heat is "hot" and "dry". In the diet, we should clear the heat and heat and then supplemented. You can choose the melon to clear the heat and dampness, lentils strengthen the function of dampness, and the pig ridge is nourish.

It is also possible to coexist, but there is moisture in the body, but the skin is very dry.

This is also a common performance in summer and autumn, and it is necessary to damp and nourish yin.

Pork spine is cooked here than usual soup, mainly to slowly stew the pig spinal cord and strengthen the role of nourishing yin. Many people will be afraid that the old fire soup will be high, but the speed of the sputum in the broth in the brown soup is the fastest, although there is also increased, but the curve has become gentle. So a 2-hour soup and a 1-hour soup, there may be more than 10% of the sputum. If there is no friend who is troubled, then this 10% is still within the acceptable range.