Whose fault is the interview rejected?

Whose fault is the interview rejected?

It’s time to go to work. Instead of being able to go to work, I passed the interview of this company.

I believe most of them have “rejected” experience.

Every day in the BBS of major universities, there are a lot of “refusal to innocent” vomiting hardships.




Doesn’t matter?

Rejection is not a tragedy, there are opportunities everywhere.

Whose fault is the job rejection? They reject you in general. There are two ways when HR rejects interviewers.

One kind is called “clear rejection”. In short, it tells you on the spot that you can go home if you are not qualified.

Another method is to “shadow rejection”. Usually they will ask you to go back first. They need to reconsider the time and wait for the news one week later.

Then a week later, even N weeks later, there was no news at all, and the sea was sinking.

The most disliked rejection method is this kind of “hidden rejection”. In respect of the interviewer, even if you reject others, you should let the other party know in time so that others can apply for jobs elsewhere, dragging the interviewers to waste theirTime is very immoral.

It is not necessarily your fault to be rejected. I have heard of such an HR in the past. It is especially “pull”. An undergraduate student sends a resume to him.Entered our company.

But the undergraduate students who have been recruited clearly can be competent, and whoever says that graduate students are better than undergraduates.

Regarding the “rejection” in this case, the rejected person was somewhat bored. In fact, it is not his fault to think about it carefully.

On the contrary, the problem lies in the people who are recruited. They simply do not know how to recruit people. Talents with certain talents are the people they want.

For example, is it appropriate to talk about cash flow with someone who has just graduated from college?

Just because I am a “rookie”?

  Many people are wondering why it is so easy to be rejected to go out to find a job just after graduating from college, but what about the “old rivers and lakes” that have been in the field for a long time?

The key is experience.

Who knows that these “old rivers and lakes” used to be more “refuseless” than you!

When they interviewed a new company, they all did their homework. First, they would find out the new company and the new position.

Having some ability in yourself will make the other person fancy. Combined with your precious experience of being “rejected” before, you can move forward with courage.

If you have a little Ah Q spirit, you should think so. What about being rejected?

I have the ability. If they don’t let this work, can they still steal my ability?

There is no grandfather here.

“Rejected” is also the process of looking for a job in the end. It is a process of choosing between recruiters and candidates.

When you sell yourself, the other party is also selling the company to you. He has the initiative and you also have it.

Always rejected, it is indeed depressed.

But there is an old saying: There are gains and losses.

“Rejected” is also a mirror that allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, then improve your strength and adjust your mindset.

Maybe finding a job is a bit like falling in love, maybe the next one is better than yours.

Psychological test: Will your interview succeed?

  A large company posted a job offer stating that candidates must wear suits.

Candidates were dated to an unfurnished office when they went to the company for an interview.

The examiner who was interviewing at that time only said one word to the applicant: Hang the suit on a hanger, please sit down.

What if you are a candidate?  A stood side by side, waiting for the interviewer to finish the call. B said politely to the interviewer: Sorry, sir. There are no hangers and chairs. C bravely said it there, but there are no hangers and chairs.D walked out of the office to find a hanger and chair.

  Answer: Type A: Adaptable, do not make amazing speeches, but poor leadership skills, only suitable for calculation, care and other mechanical work.

  Type B: The response method is different from others. It will point out the other party’s unreasonable requirements, but it also considers the other party’s position. It is a pioneering leader.

  Type C: Have a positive sales talent, a tough personality, and the courage to challenge.

Suitable for salesman and salesman.

  Type D: Your response is very special, both speech and behavior are at the cutting edge of the times.