The standard line of beauty in men’s eyes

The standard “line” of beauty in men’s eyes

Men are visual animals. The first thing you see when you see a woman is the beauty of this woman’s “line”.
There are four major criteria for men to measure their “line” beauty. Let’s take a look below.
  The first criterion: long legs “line” little men have a popular hooligan saying “beauty is not beautiful, look at the thighs”, which is actually a criterion for many men.
  If women have slender beautiful legs, they know how to show them with tight pants or short stockings. They have super temptation to men, and men can’t help looking at their eyes.
Even if a woman’s looks are average, they can also be very attractive to men.
Of course, many women know and take advantage of this. Even in winter, they don’t forget to show off their beautiful legs.
  For women with ugly legs, they have good looks but cannot hide their leg flaws. If a woman’s legs are not beautiful, men may ignore other criteria for judging beauty.
It is a strange phenomenon that this woman is not considered a beauty.
  The second criterion: the proud “double-hump” and “hip-up” lines of the hips. Women may see this as a thunderous storm, and countless women have paid a huge price for it.
Such as practicing aerobics every day, yoga to shape the body, breast enhancement and hip lifting.
Some even go for surgery.
But the reason is not known whether it is driven by women’s natural beauty, or the nature of men’s love affects women, or both.
  The proud twin peaks and hips not only make men feel very sexy, but also easily make men have sexual fantasies, dreaming about the wonderful feelings of having sex with such women.
Many “rogue” men have summed up the criteria of “forward and backward”, which makes women very upset. Why do women make you men irresponsible, what qualifications do men have to judge women’s beauty and ugliness?
But men are still happy.
  Most men don’t like flat chested women. Flat chested women first feel to the man that this woman is not mature enough and looks a little green, like green apples, and also thinks about whether there are obstacles to raising children.
Women with charming breasts make them feel sexy and seductive, and they often associate such women with “mature”, like a red apple.
  The third criterion: the beautiful face of the “line”. Women often feel that men see women as beautiful. The first criterion is whether the face is good. This is not the case.
The beauty of a woman is just a criterion, but it is not the first criterion.
  The eyes are the windows of the soul, and women with beautiful pupils can easily attract the attention of men.
In their minds, Shui Lingling’s eyes, or large eyes, and black eyelashes, make them think that women are smart and cute, and their eyes can call, which is an important signal for beauty.
  It is said that Zhao Wei played “Returning Pearls” because of her beautiful big pupils, which won the favor of the director.
  The fourth criterion: the body line “line” a woman with a clear curve in her body is also very attractive to men.
Grace is an important criterion for beauty in men’s eyes.
Often women with obvious body curves can become men’s privately recognized beauties, even if their looks are flat.
This may be confusing.
  For a woman with a bloated body or an extremely uneven body, even if her face is beautiful, it is difficult for a man to associate her with the word beauty.