but,Master Wuhao seems to be in the wrong state,His attention is completely ignored here,And Liu Wenzhang’s courage just now,But successfully moved them。

Saw someone intervene,Priest Haoxuan is not surprised,On the contrary, there is a sense of joy。
“Play?very good!The price you play with me,Is to lose the magic weapon!The guy who lost to me,Leave the magic soldiers!”Priest Haoxuan laughed loudly。
The captain of the White Sun Gate Elite Team,The middle-aged Wang Ling from the Emperor’s Organization nodded,The backhand drew a spear from behind,This is a magic weapon he just obtained,Yaksha。
He is not afraid of this priest,Because he is already level 42,The priest opposite,It’s just this level。
but,The strength of the elite team,Not limited to this,They have the strongest skills《Hero Summon》!
Just summon a hero,Two hit one,He doesn’t believe that there is another opponent in the same level!of course,Except Lord Wuhao。
“interesting,More and more interesting!You little guys,I don’t know what the priests represent, right??You actually want to beat the priest in the temple?Where’s your courage?Is it caused by ignorance?”Priest Haoxuan laughed loudly。
Middle-aged Wang Ling’s face is as sinking as water,With his combat experience,Naturally will not be easily affected by the other party’s words。
but,Just to be safe,He still decided to call out the hero directly,Don’t give the other party any chance。
But the next second,Wang Ling’s face changed,Become hard to see the extreme。
Because he discovered,I can’t even summon a hero,There seems to be an indescribable strange force in this hall,Can reject all spatial fluctuations。
The space here is amazingly stable,Hero summon failed!
“Oh?what are you doing?Are you planning to use summoned creatures against me??Forgot to tell you,This is forbidden zone,All the laws of summoning creatures are invalid!”
While talking,The priest Haoxuan gently stretched out his hand,Pulled out of the shoulder“Glass of wine”dagger。
then,Everyone saw what surprised them collectively。
On the shoulders of priest Haoxuan,That was“Glass of wine”Wound,He healed quickly。
This is definitely not the normal healing rate,on It can be regarded as a god-level Taoist using great healing techniques,It’s impossible to heal the wound so quickly。
To know,Although the wine dagger is small,But still a high-level magic weapon,Can be placed in the core area of the main hall,Selected by the champion team,Are not ordinary soldiers。
but,Even the injuries caused by the magic soldiers,That Haoxuan priest can heal immediately,This is simply the body of God,Fight this guy,There is no chance of winning。