Turn the kitchen into a baby’s paradise

Turn the kitchen into a baby’s paradise

For the baby, the kitchen is not a safe place to play, electricity, heat, knives . all kinds of dangerous things are here, but the little guy is very interested in the kitchen, what should I do?

Break through the inherent thinking constraints and take your baby into the kitchen. The game here is exciting!

  The vegetables and fruits in my house are the brightest. Put the vegetables you just bought on the ground, and let the baby recognize the color!

Red tomatoes, green cucumbers, purple eggplants . from time to time ask the baby: “Where is the green onion?

“Looking at the baby’s ability to respond, the improvement of this dual color ability is also an improvement in common sense in life!

Put various fruits in front of your baby and identify the shapes together: round apples, long bananas, bunches of grapes . Let’s count together and have a few grapes together!

  The most beautiful dishes in my house put the tableware on the table one by one, and observe the shape and color with the baby; then introduce to the baby what these dishes are used to hold; small bowls for rice, large bowls forSoup, fish-shaped plate with fish, flower-shaped plate with vegetables; get up with your baby and “shake hands” with each tableware; wooden spatula, ceramic rice bowl, sponge brush cloth, thorny brush pot balls .This is a good opportunity to exercise your sense of touch, so that your baby can gain insights and develop senses in practice!

  My kitchen’s kitchen sounds the most pleasant, and it will definitely increase the baby’s interest.

Maybe a kitchen concert!

Put all the tableware together, take a pair of chopsticks with your baby, and the concert begins!

Let the little guy feel the different sounds made by different instruments during the tapping process.

The mother can tell the baby in time, “This is the sound of the bowl.

“” The sound of the little iron basin was like a gong!

“Not only does the baby have an auditory gain, but at the same time he constantly learns little knowledge in the kitchen.

  The most delicious kitchen in my family’s kitchen is a place for making delicious food. Let’s enjoy it with a little serval!

Put the vinegar, soy sauce and cooking wine together, let him smell it, and stimulate the baby’s sense of smell: prepare some sugar, salt, pepper, let him taste it, and see the little guy’s reaction, the mother can explain on the side”It’s sugar, sweet; it’s salt, salty.

“This is the enlightenment experience of baby development chef talent, don’t miss it!

After cooking the dishes, you can give your baby a small bowl and let him try the dishes. Watching his little hands grabbing is really cute. This is also a good time for body training!

  My kitchen is the cleanest. After the meal, brushing the dishes is done by both the mother and the child. It is best to place a small ladder in the kitchen to facilitate the “stacking” of the baby.

Stand with the mother by the pool and let him clean the small utensils by himself. The movement of the mother makes the ground slow, so that the baby can imitate your appearance to wash the dishes and squeeze the bowls. Wipe the wall of the bowl and rinse with water.

Although your baby’s movements are clumsy, you must be patient. This is a good opportunity for your baby to show self-reliance and self-worth!

  Kitchen Tips Pay attention to hygiene: Wash your hands before and after touching food utensils to prevent illness from entering your mouth; Pay attention to safety: Keep your baby away from knife and fork fire and electricity to avoid accidental injuries; Clean the battlefield: Clean the kitchen in time after the game, especiallyThe ground prevents the baby from falling.